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2012 Season Prediction: Road Warriors

Marcus HallAs the season draws nearer, I have put together my season predictions for Team 133.

I will go game by game, give my reasoning for my prediction and hope I’m wrong with the losses I feel may be coming for our Wolverines.  Just looking at the schedule you can see that Team 133 are going to have to be road warriors!

Sept. 1 vs Alabama –  The good news, this isn’t the Michigan team from two years ago.  The bad news, it’s Alabama (a minor league team for the NFL) and we still have quite a few question marks heading into the game.  Michigan is thin on both lines (we have an almost brand new defensive front four and a new center and guard on the offensive line).  Who’s our starting running back?  Are there any/enough play makers at wide receiver?  Now saying all this I still feel it is going to be an epic battle that all of us Michigan fans will be proud of at the end of the season, but ultimately Alabama will be to big, fast and athletic for us to hang with for four quarters… Alabama 24 Michigan 16 (I sure hope I’m wrong!)

Sept. 8 vs Air Force –  Jeez, talk about a change in contrast in personnel and styles from week one to week two.  Air Force will come out with their triple option offense and try to use misdirection and deception to keep the Wolverines on their heels.  This will probably work for about a quarter and a half or so, but sometime in the second quarter Michigan will do to Air Force what Alabama did to Michigan the week before and take control of the game with their lines… Michigan 34 Air Force 17

Sept 15 vs. UMass –  Two years ago UMass came in as an unheralded FCS (Division 2) program and gave Michgan and beleaguered coach Rich Rodriguez all they could handle (Michigan won 42-37).  This year UMass joins the FBS (Division 1) as an unheralded program and will get crushed by the Big Blue…  Michigan 52 UMass 6

Sept. 22 – @ Notre Dame -  Return to Glory part 13!!!!  Brian Kelly will be screaming, Notre Dame fans will be crying, and Denard will be having yet another record setting day in South Bend… Michigan 27 Notre Dame 17

Strike the pose South Bend!

Sept 29 – Bye week, which is nice to have right before the kickoff of the B1G conference play.

Oct. 6 @ Purdue –  Many, including myself, feel that by this time of the season Michigan’s offensive and defensive lines will have gelled and Purdue will be on it’s fourth starting QB of the season.  On another note, if you haven’t been to a game in West Lafayette, IN you’re missing out (LOL, not really.  Michigan fans can’t even get into the real stadium, only the bleachers in the end zone).  Toot, toot!  Boiler Up!  Not today… Michigan 38 Purdue 13

Oct. 13 Illinois –  The Illini have a new coach, not a lot of depth, and a shody defense.  Not a good sign for the Fighting Illini…  Michigan 45 Illinois 10

Didn’t know boxing was part of football…

Oct. 20 MSU –  Make no mistake about it, this is THE game this year.  Four straight losses to Sparty and William Gholston being a dirty football player adds up to a focus on this game that has been missing for the past few seasons.  MSU is in for a long, hard hitting affair…  Michigan 24 MSU 20

This one is gonna cost you Gholston

Oct 27 @ Nebraska –  Last year Michigan totally embarrassed Nebraska 45-17.  That won’t happen this year.  Nebraska will unfortunately be healthy when this game rolls around and will avenge last years whooping in a racous, rowdy Memorial Stadium… Nebraska 21 Michigan 17

Nov 3 @ Minnesota –  Poor Minny, last year 58-0.  This year… Michigan 49 Minnesota 10 (Save the shipping costs and just leave the Brown Jug in the trophy case Mr. Falk)

Nov 10 Northwestern –  Unless Cain Kolter is planning on taking the snaps, handing the ball off to himself or throwing passes to himself, Northwestern is going to struggle all year (I don’t care what USC leftover they got!)… Michigan 31 Northwestern 13

Nov 17 Iowa –  I feel after this day, Nov 17 will always be known as Denard Robinson retribution day!  Needless to say, Denard has struggled all three times he has played the Hawkeyes, not this year…  Michigan 38 Iowa 24

Nov 24 @ ohio state (BOOOOOO!) – Urban Meyer has his new bucknut squad all pumped up to take on the Mighty Wolverines in the toilet bowl, oops I meant horseshoe, and they’ll go home knowing that the world has righted itself in this series…  Michigan 30 ohio 17

Enough said!

Extra Credit:

Dec 1 B1G title game vs. Wisconsin –  What a year we’ve had my Michigan family!  Unfortunately this game will go along the lines of the game that seems so long ago, in the beginning of it all this year.  The Wisky O-line will end up asserting itself late leaving Michigan to go to a BCS bowl on a sour note…  Wisconsin 27 Michigan 20.

So at the end of the year I have Michigan 10-3 with a BCS bowl appearance.  Another solid year to keep the Hoke train rolling!  Go Blue!

Please feel free to leave some comments and your own predictions below.

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  • Bscarbrough27

    My wife and I met you and your Dad at breakfast in Dallas and again at Steak and Shake. I am impressed with the CLASS of the Michigan fans and I felt your team never quit. Basically out playing Bama in 2ndDallas half. Just too little too late! RTR and may the Hoke be with you!

    • Marcus Hall

      Thanks! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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