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A Commentary: Why I Believe in MICHIGAN

Matt Parker Profile PicThere are so many reasons why I believe in MICHIGAN.


Brady Hoke is the right man for the job. He loves MICHIGAN!. He understands what it takes to be a MICHIGAN man. He embraces the job. Hoke also knows that you need a great defense to bring home a championship. I have told anybody who will listen that before Hoke leaves MICHIGAN he will bring a national championship back to The Big House.

Greg Mattison to me is the best defensive coach in college right now. Looking back to how the defense was before he got to MICHIGAN and the job that he has done is incredible. Once he gets all his guys in place all I have to say is watch out. You will not want to face that defense in the next few years.


The defense has a lot  of depth this year. While the departure of Kovacs will be tough plenty of talent waiting in the wings. I am looking forward to seeing what Wilson can do this year. He has the potential to be a good one. Gordon will also be key and I look forward to him having a big year. The key to this defense being great will be the play of the D-line. If the line can get pressure on the QB consistently watch out.  I also believe that injured linebacker Jake Ryan will come back and be a force again before the end of the year. The defense has playmakers all over the field. The freshman that I will be looking at closely this year is Taco. He has the chance to play early and from the reports he can have a good year. Taco will be another great defensive lineman at Michigan before he leaves.


The offense will be a force this year. I was a huge fan of number 16 but good defenses teams blitzed up the middle and sometimes Robinson made some bad decisions that cost Michigan in some key games. Gardner can beat teams with the pass and also with his legs.

Teams will no longer be able to bring the house and that will open up the running game. Fitzgerald Toussaint will have a year similar to 2011 this year. He is focused and with an improved offensive line the sky is the limit for him.  Michigan also has some key backups that will be help in the running game this year as well. I am looking forward to the development of all the running backs but of course I am anxious to see how Derrick Green does this year.  Smash mouth football has been what Michigan has been about . I definitely excited to see that offense return to Michigan this year. Borges will be back to his element and he will be able to call plays that he is comfortable running.  Gardner and Gallon will be a lethal combination this year.    I also can’t wait to see the development of Funchess. He should be a matchup nightmare this year.


The special teams will be important this year as well. Wile will have a have a great year. I truly belive that Dennis Northfleet will have a couple of returns for touchdowns this year. He can be what  Steve Breaston was. Hopefully he has a few of those returns vs MSU and Ohio.


I fully expect Michigan to end the 8 year drought without a Big Ten championship this year. I have always been a Michigan fan my entire life. I am use to Michigan winning Big Ten championships and can not wait to celebrate another one. I hope that they can play Ohio  in the Big Ten Championship game. Nothing would top that excitement.

Michigan fans deserve another championship and they will get one soon. The waiting game is almost over. Saturday can’t get here fast enough.  If you don’t believe in Michigan yet this year will make you a believer. GO BLUE!

Matt Parker

  • Bill “Go Blue” K

    you,my friend are spot on with this ! I love how our Wolverines are flying under everyones radar this year , i have no doubt we will beat that team from ohio and make alot of believers out there .. i truly feel like this is going to be a great year and am a Hokeamanic for life ….GO BLUE ! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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