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All Hoke is Lost: Michigan -14, Minnesota – 30

The Original HokeamaniacI guess we all should have seen this coming.

The pressure to make some type of change to improve the fortunes of the Wolverines in 2014 led to a QB change under center, and that QB change led to another ugly loss for Michigan.

As a result, coach Brady Hoke now looks more lost than ever and soon he may be gone. There was no doubt that Hoke’s fate was iffy at best before the Minnesota game and it would have taken a major revival in the Big Ten for him to keep his job. But after the Wolverines fell to the Minnesota Golden Gophers 14-30, the better question is will Hoke even have a chance to finish the season?

These were the easy games…the games that Michigan should have won…Utah, Minnesota…Heck Rutgers next week. But nope!

Rutgers (4-1, 0-1) at home at night against the Wolverines for the first time as members of the Big Ten looks like one of the toughest games on the schedule for Michigan now.

And for sure there is a quarterback problem in Ann Arbor.

Brady Hoke is a loyal man and to a fault, will give his players he believes in all the opportunity to stand up and succeed. But the pressure got to great.

Hoke made the decision to start the unproven sophomore Shane Morris against Minnesota, yet that change did not result in offensive improvement as expected.

Morris completed 7 of 19 passes for 49 yards, no touchdowns and one interception returned for a Gopher 30-yard score in the third quarter making the score 21-7 with extra point. Morris was then pulled, mercifully, late in the game and Devin Gardner returned to lead Michigan to an insignificant touchdown late to make the Wolverine score 14.

Hoke knows things are heading in the wrong direction and the Wolverines are now leading the nation in the wrong kind of turnover margin (-12). This is also the first time ever that the Wolverines have lost three games in a season before October in their 135-year history.

With a 2-3 record, (0-1 Big Ten), a road game to Rutgers next week and an unsettled QB situation with an embattled coach on the sidelines, things look pretty hopeless.

The season is lost of expectations and has now been resorted to a countdown to change and an end of this misery.

There is none to blame other than Hoke. The fingers point to him and him only. The kids are talented enough to win. The coaches are smart enough to win. But the organization is in shambles. I can’t imagine any of those kids believe they have hope. And if they say they do, they are just repeating what they feel is right.

What can happen next? Can it get any lower?


  • al

    I fear what happened to Sparty in 2002 (49-3) is going to be returned in kind when we go to EL. However, given this incompetent AD and absent president. I’m not sure a change in HC will cure all ills.

    Man, the program is in a dark place.

  • Fog

    the arrogance of Michigan is getting what it deserves…they are history, and good riddance to those loser thugs…plus, they have the ugliest girls in the Big Ten…thinking they might get Harbaugh is delusional…they won’t beat MSU for another ten years…

    Hoke is a fat dufuss…no big time coach will take this job anymore - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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