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B1G Pick of the Week #10

Danny SawickiWhen I first looked at his game and saw Iowa getting them juicy four points, I was ready to jump all over Iowa plus 4.

However, after sitting down and analyzing the game the game I have come up to a different conclusion.

This week I have to take Michigan as my Big Ten Pick Of The WeeK. I believe the main reason Michigan will win and cover is because of Iowa’s poor run defense. They are allowing an average of 195 yds per game and gave up 178 yds on the ground to a crummy Minnesota team last week.

With the emergence of Toussaint at running back, the Wolverines now have a two-headed rushing monster in Tousaint and Robinson. They will mix it up on the Iowa defense and keep them on thier heels all afternoon.

Iowa is tough at home, no doubt about it.

They are 5-0 but have played inferior teams.

They have a good quarterback in James Vandenberg who can stretch out the field.

The running back, Marcus Corker is a stud. He leads the Big Ten in rushing averaging 121 yards per game.

They also have a premiere wide reciever in Marvin McNutt, who is 11th in the nation with 858 receiving yards. This guy is a touchdown machine.

He has caught nine touchdowns this year and five in the last three games. So Iowa has some weapons on offense.

However, Iowa has not faced a defense like the MEEE-CHIGAN defense.

Michigan’s defense has made an amazing turn-around under Captain Hoke this year.

After ranking near to the bottom in many catagories last year, Michigan ranks 31rst in the nation in total defense this year. They rank first in red-zone DE amd first in recovered fumbles. This year the defense is all over the place like swarming bees over honey.

Iowa is going to go with the same game plan they have used over the years. Run the ball and then run it some more. If you don’t stop the run against Iowa, you are in trouble.

Michigan will be able to bottle up the running game and force Iowa into long-yardage situations.

Iowa is very physical and we all know how hard Michigan is hitting this year.

I see a very physical game. I beilieve in the first half, both teams will try to establish a running game. Adjustments will be made at halftime then I see the game opening up a little in the second half with Michigan coming out on top in the end by a touchdown or so.

Michigan needs a big win on the road to keep on moving forward.

I believe The Hoke knows this and is implementing the importance of this game to his players.

It will be a tough physical game, but bottom line Michigan is the better football team and will win the game and cover the four points.


Last Week’s Pick: Indiana +9 (L)
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