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Big Ten to drop Leaders and Legends, shuffle divisions

Apparently the idea of two Michigan vs. Ohio State games a year was too much for the Big Ten to handle as the conference looks ready to announce new reorganized divisions sporting new names.

Also according to reports, out are the “Leaders” and “Legends” monikers that formerly distinguished the two divisions apart and in are the more publicly accepted, simple “East” and “West” geographically aligned designations.

Michigan will now be placed in the same division as OSU and MSU which will preserve “The Game” as the marque match-up to close the year and can only occur once a season.

The new proposed divisions will group Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Purdue in the West.

The East would be made up of the traditional rivals Michigan and Ohio State along with Michigan State, Penn State, Indiana and the two newest schools Rutgers and Maryland.

The conference will also announce a nine game conference schedule beginning in 2016 according to reports.

The powers that be in the Big Ten are reportedly scheduled to vote on the new divisions and names and alignment next week.

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