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Dr. Billi Gordon

Michigan Sibling Rivalry: About “Little Brother”

Technically, sports rivalries are the offspring of competition and ritualism, e.g., the Michigan/OSU Rivalry.  It is always the last regular season game for both teams. Both teams have a clock in their locker rooms counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the game. Like all things earthly, rituals evolve.  For example, Brady Hoke […]

The Jug Stays: Michigan Wolverines Now 5-0, But…

It was the 100th meeting of Michigan and Minnesota for the Little Brown Jug. Bottom line: Michigan won and as usual the jug stays in Ann Arbor.  Michigan has won the competition 73 times compared to Minnesota’s 24 wins.  There have been 3 ties.  However, it wasn’t quite what we had hoped for.   Michigan didn’t […]

Michigan Football Bye Week: By The Way…

Not watching Michigan football brought a mixture of emotions this weekend.  Honestly, my cardiovascular system said, “thanks for a much needed break.”  After the last two games I needed a bye week more than the team did.  And everybody knows the team really needed a bye week. On the flipside, I missed my personal game […] - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011