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Wilbert the Wolverine

Pur”don’t”: A Gravy Train With Biscuit Wheels

After the very disturbing, not to mention embarrassing and demoralizing performance at Notre Dame the Wolverine Nation was on suicide alert for this season.  The questions were abounding. Could Denard come back?  Could the team bounce back from the demoralizing and embarrassing loss?   Could I get the shamrocks stains out of my fur?   It was […]

One Game At A Time: The U-Massacre

Wow! What’s not to like about a 9-touchdown game, other than the beat down was not delivered to a more deserving recipient such as Notre Dame, MSU, OSU or “Pur-don’t”? Well there is the matter of getting Touissant back into the game, which is as much about our offensive line as it is about Touissant. […] - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011