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Did Floyd Mayweather bet $3 million on Michigan?

Reports out of Las Vegas state that famed boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather wagered up to $3 million dollars spread out among 9 different Vegas casinos on the Michigan Wolverines to win this Saturday night’s Cowboys Classic game against the Alabama Crimson Tide in Texas.

Currently the Wolverines are a 14-point underdog to the current defending national champions Crimson Tide.

Mayweather has been know to make large wagers on sporting events in the past so it sure sounds like he’s at it again.

And it seems like a safe be if you ask me.

Floyd Mayweather stands in front of a lot of cash.

  • Michael Smith

    Well if its any conciliation Floyd, if I had your money and were a betting man I would have glady bet on my Wolverines as well! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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