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Even after a loss, we’re still Michigan!

Wilbert the WolverineThe bad news is our offense stalled in the 2nd half in Columbus and we lost a 26-21 contest with Ohio State that we could have won, should have won.

Could have and should have are phrases more suited to humans than to Wolverines.

What did happen happened.  What “could have happened” and “should have happened” did not happen and it never will happen because the game is over, it is history and we cannot go back there and make it happen.

Football is just a game—tell it to the people crowded into the shoe in freezing temperatures screaming their hearts and lungs out.  Tell it to the millions of others watching on television, the Internet and listening on the radio around the world—that’s right the world.  Checkers is just a game—football is more than that because we make it more than that, even though it started out as just as game.

So you can say, “it’s just a game”, we both know, that’s easier said than believed.

All of that aside, what is definitely true and the good news is that the end of the day the Michigan Football Team is still Michigan.  You cannot ask for anything more than that because there is nothing greater to be than Michigan.  It’s not about winning or losing a game, even a game to a despicable, unworthy rival.  It’s about the culture of being the most storied and admirable program in college football.

Obviously, since I’m a wolverine, and the team is named after me, I couldn’t love Michigan football anymore. Having said that, about yesterday’s game.  Bottom line, much of our success in the first half was an illusion masked by Ohio State’s mental errors (e.g. lots of unnecessary penalties), missed tackles, like that 80 yard run by Denard.   I have heard so much banter about Hoke’s curious decision to go for it at the 50-yard line on 4th and 3, early in the 2nd half.

Even more outrage is being directed at the decision to run Denard up the middle. Maybe the so-called “OBVIOUSLY wrong call” may have been trickery by Hoke, hoping that Ohio state would open the middle in guarding against the obvious right call and Denard would find a hole and break a big play.

Had it worked, we’d all be singing Brady Hoke’s praises. Had we won, nobody would have given it a second thought.  But it didn’t work, and we didn’t win, so now the lynch mob has assembled.  But that’s just an occupational hazard for a head coach.  I personally do not think it was O-line and Gardener that fizzled in the second half. I think it was Ohio State that made half time adjustments that told the real story of what was going on, on the field.

It has been a tough year, injuries, etc. etc. but lest I remind you that this is Hoke and staff’s second year at Michigan.   They are 19-6, which is not a bad start considering the challenges that the Brady Bunch faced in transitioning from Rich Rod to now. Over scrutinizing the coaching staff and their decisions is not really useful, and certainly NOT loyal.

Now about Brady snubbing the post-game handshake, which has been a routine for years.  It did not happen in the horseshoe Saturday. Hoke said after Michigan’s 26-21 loss Saturday to Ohio State that he did not shake hands with Meyer, nor talk to him before or after the game. He was mindful enough to say it wasn’t out of bitterness following the close loss to Michigan’s biggest rival, and his own personal rivalry with Urban Meyer, but Brady was obviously upset after the game. “I work with the D-line before the game and after the game,” Hoke said. “It’s kind of hard to see anybody.  “No big deal. It’s not a story.”

Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison did shake hands with Meyer, interrupting his post-game TV interview to do so. The two coached together at Notre Dame, and Meyer later hired Mattison as his defensive coordinator at Florida. Mattison said, “We’ll always be friends.”  That’s understandable and even admirable.  Conversely, Hoke and Meyer are not friends and never will be. That too, is understandable and even more admirable.

Why?  There is a reason why Brady Hoke fits with the culture of Michigan football, and a reason why Urban Meyer is well suited to Ohio State.  Brady Hoke is sincere and honest.  Urban Meyer’s history suggests otherwise. When Brady Hoke shakes your hand he’s the kind of person that means it.  When Urban Meyer shakes your hand, you should count your fingers afterwards.

It is just the difference between Michigan and Ohio State.  They end the season 12-0 and they are not going to a bowl game.  Why?  Because of Jim Tressel a man that they bring out onto the field, lift in the air, and give a standing ovation.

Now why would they do that?  Obviously, there is not a lot of critical thinking going on in that crowd—but that is not news.  The larger issue, which speaks to what Ohio State is all about is that Tressel’s winning is much more important to them than honesty or ethics.  That is the culture of Ohio State football.  Woody Hayes slugged an opposing player who he never apologized to.  He tore up sideline markers in a temper tantrum after a loss at Michigan Stadium.  Yet, at Ohio State, they have a street named after him.  Why? Because he won a lot of football games.  That is the problem with Ohio State.

At Ohio State all you have to do to be a winner is win a lot of football games.  That makes sense to the less intelligent.  So it is completely understandable that the Ohio State faithful would think like that.

The University of Michigan on the other hand is populated by the more intelligent. Hence, the definition of winner is more insightful. There in lies the difference between the Ohio State Buckeye and the Michigan Wolverine.

The Ohio State Buckeye wants to be remembered as the team who scored the most touchdowns and won the most games.  The Michigan Wolverines want to be remembered as a team of individuals who win on and off the field, in what they do, how they behave, what they stand for and who they are.  As Abraham Lincoln said, “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

By virtue of the fact that Ohio State lifted Jim Tressel in the air, and gave him a standing ovation is why at the end of day, I would rather be Michigan than Ohio State no matter what the outcome of a given game.  The truth is, by virtue of the culture of Ohio State football, and the lack of integrity at Ohio State compared to that of Michigan football and The University of Michigan, Michigan has always been and will always be the real winner.


Michigan Equipment Truck

Like the side of the truck says, “The winningest team in the history of college football!” (Image courtesy of

  • Wolvie

    I see no difference between the culture at either school. We are the winningest progam in college football. We like to win as much as they do. If winning doesn’t matter, then don’t keep score. If a coach beat Ohio 7 times in a row, I’d lift him on my shoulders, too.

    • Hokeamaniac

      I agree in most part Wolvie, both schools want to win bad, but I do believe the Bucks are more fanatical about it. I don’t begrudge them for doing whatever it is that makes them happy…I just don’t like ‘em period though! Go Blue!!

    • Billi Gordon

      You may be a Michigan fan, but you’re obviously not a Michigan alum if that is how you think. YOU might lift a coach like Tressel on your shoulders but you wouldn’t be doing it with the help of Michigan men like myself and any of the Michigan men and women that I went to school and graduated with.

  • buckeyesrus

    All I know is that since 2004, you are 1-10 against tOSU! Oops! This year the team up north is 8-4! Huh? TOSU is 12-0 and we end the season, as we do all too often lately, beating you with the ugly stick! Your boys forgot to show up for the second half. It should have been worse if we hadn’t kept shooting ourselves in the foot. A score of 49-7 could have easily happened . . . more easily than your “woulda-shoulda” scenerio. You have no clue about Ohio State either. Look at the list of greatest universities in the world. Notice that Ohio State is listed at 32nd. Now where is the team up north? Oh wow, look at that!

    • Hokeamaniac

      Disagree with the score part…If anything, the Wolverines should have opened up a bigger lead in the 1st half. And sure, look at the last 10 years of the rivalry…that’s great. What about the 10 years before that? Not so good for the buckeyes. And last thing, there is a list of greatest universities in the world? And you are saying, Michigan is not on it? Must have been created by an ohio grad or a study done by OSU…

      • buckeyesRus

        You mean you don’t know about the list of universities in the world. Try Google, stupid. Actually Wisconsin is 26 and Penn St. is 36; but you have to go way down the list to find the team up north! LOL! And when was the last time you went undefeated? It wasn’t 2006, I know that for a fact! LOL! We were on the 3 yard line twice and in red zone 4 times = 28 more points! = We made 4 FG = only 3 were possible TDs so 12 points more and missed two other opportunities in red zone with no points = 14 more points! And if our D had been focused better as in 2nd half, the team up north would not have scored at all! So were looking at 49-0 or maybe 56-0! Looking forward to you making excuses when we open up a can on you guys in the big house next year! LOL!
        Actually, I have a lot of friends and family in MI and my wife’s husband is a former teacher at UM and Eastern MI! LOL! They haven’t liked me too much over the last ten to twelve years! LOL!

        • Hokeamaniac

          Ok Rus, yes I am aware of Google…My point is more to the fact that if there is a list of educational institutions and Ohio State is ahead of Michigan, then I question the list’s validity. Cause ain’t no way!!! It’s called Defense…you are making my case. You are lucky that you won the game…if not for some questionable play calling in the second half, it would have been an nice 11-1 season for you…so you’re welcome!!!

        • Billi Gordon

          in order to use effectively use Google (which was developed by a Michigan alum btw) you have to know what to look for, which you clearly do NOT. And “when we open up a can” Are you going to playing in the game? What position. You can only say we… if you’re on the team…. REALITY CHECK… this victory belongs to the guys on the Ohio State football team NOT you. They earned it… NOT YOU… you can’t claim it for your own… you need to find your own successes.

      • Billi Gordon

        The list is called QSI… It’s the internationally recognized definitive authority on academic excellence among the World’s top Universities and Michigan is 14th… Ohio State is in the 200’s somewhere…

    • Billi Gordon

      Are you on drugs? Not even on the TWILIGHT ZONE is Ohio State rated higher than Michigan… Look on the QSI, the globally recognized definitive authority on Academic Rankings and Michigan is 14, and Ohio State is in the 200’s… and by virtue of the fact that you don’t know that tells me that you NOTHING about University Academic Rankings. Trust me I know about this stuff… I’m a a doctor and this kind of thing is VERY important to us.

  • dave

    ahhh this reminds me of the aftermath of meatchickens loss to appalachian state at home. some bitter wolverweenie made a video on youtube/youdump snippily comparing the two schools designed in his mind to make the losers feel better about themselves. it was in poor taste as was this little temper tantrum diatribe. I watched the game, missedagain players came down to the area where osu was warming up trying to start fights. thats classy. face it the better team won saturday. the better team has won for most of the past decade. ohio state is the better team. meatchicken lost. now you can flame me or delete me but teh facts wont change

    • Hokeamaniac

      Dave, Personally didn’t write this article…can’t much argue with a Wolverine’s perspective though. Can’t speak to the pregame junk and can’t really say anything other than, Nice season. 12-0, great job…With that said, still wouldn’t trade places with you. Look forward to the rematch in Ann Arbor. Go Blue!!

      • dave

        I apprieciate your words. I just find this type of story troubling. it is more excuses presented in a bitter fashion. the we might have lost but we are better because we are not the team that beat us storyline. real men own up to a problem, no one here in columbus wrote stories about michigan cheating and being stupid last year. it is in a way a very childish response.

        • Hokeamaniac

          I hear that, and I agree. But after reading some of this again, Wilbert gives props to the reasons why Michigan lost and credits OSU. Overall, he’s just pro-blue. So I suppose you have to understand that. Would I have written this same article…not exactly.

        • Billi Gordon

          What you find troubling is this article puts things in perspective… A football game is just a football game… Wilbert the Wolverine is merely saying that your winning the football game is less important to him than being a graduate of the University of Michigan, and cites the reasons why. That has nothing to do with being bitter. It’s a different perspective. It’s upsetting to you because your ego is attached to Ohio State winning the game, even though in REALITY you didn’t play in the game, so you didn’t win anything. You just observed. Same is true of Wilbert the Wolverine… just an observer. You’re not an Ohio State football player, so the game is not yours to win or lose. Just like I am not a Michigan football player, so the game is not mine to win or lose. In THE REAL WORLD… I am a just a doctor, whose happy that his Michigan degree landed him on the beach in Southern California with a cushy job, and shiny convertible and you are whatever it is that you are in life.

    • Billi Gordon

      The truth, which is what you find disturbing, only hurts for a minute.

  • skcubog

    Pathetic article. Hoke has zero class. Sore loser. Another arrogant UofM fan who provides a disingenuous list of reasons why their loss means nothing but their wins are the most important event in college football. Funny thing is that there is no “Michigan” football team. Only a another “Ohio” team wearing UofM uniforms. Look at the roster and count the young men from Ohio and those from Michigan (if there are any on the roster since a home grown Michigan football player is so rare they have put them on the endangered list). Next time I am at McDonalds in Ann Arbor I will as Wilbur to put a little extra mustard on the burger for me and explain UofM’s next loss to the Buckeyes.

  • ec

    blah blah blah. wine wine wine. sorry bunch of loosers. Ohio State is #1 on and off the field all the time.

    • Billi Gordon

      loser doesn’t have two o’s… just saying

  • Billi Gordon

    You’re not understanding what Wilbert The Wolverine is saying. He’s not making excuses for why Michigan lost. What he is saying is simple. A football game is not as valuable as institutional integrity. He cites the Ohio States treatment of Tressel and the Woody Hayes as examples. He’s not whining. Why would he?. Michigan leads the series 58-44-6, so they are winning the contest… bottom line end of story.

  • Artemus

    Who are you kidding? Pretending football isn’t as important as academic excellence at a site called Hokeamaniac! This site is about football!!! Hoke isn’t the Dean, he’s the FOOTBALL COACH!
    This year marks the end of the pure BCS era. An era in which Michigan, win or lose, has never appeared in the big game. An era in which Michigan WILL NEVER play in the big game. Ohio State has at least appeared in the game 3 times, and even with two losses, has bested Michigan by at least making it to the very top. This is now history, and nothing will change it.
    By the way, as long as Michigan football has been around, you OUGHT to be the winningest program!
    Year by year, the victory margin with Ohio State grows narrower…can you feel it slipping away? I can!

  • AlwaysScarlet&GRAY

    Ive always felt that a man should have the integrity to shake another mans or loose on a football field…rather then walk in the locker room like a kid who has just taken his ball and gone home because he doesnt like the score. But its okay, as a Buckeye fan I expect Brady to walk off the field alot without shaking Urban Meyers hand. A man of integrity respects another team and isnt afraid to call them who they are..THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY”. But when you dont have the integrity…when you fear your have to change their name.

  • Always Scarlet&Gray

    Winning isnt everything at Michigan yet they paint on their busses..The winningest team in the history of college football”. Bill Gordon if your integrity is so impecable as well of those of your classmates, I would assume you would want that taken off since that doesn’t represent what Michigan University is all about. Im sure Rich Rod was fired because he won too many games..same with the previous basketball coach… Im sure you protested the firing of both coaches. And if I have spelled something wrong in here, feel free to corrrect it. Take your teams freeking ass whooping like a man! Dont make excuses….dont try and make yourself seem so self righteous!

  • shoremen91

    Sore losers! All I hear is excuses. Big Blue couldn’t win on the football field, so it must mean that Ohio State is ethically corrupt? Because Michigan didn’t win, it has to be Ohio State’s fault somehow, right? Wrong! Michigan was simply inferior this year. Go blue? Go blow.

  • Rufus Xavier

    It was better with Rich Rod. There was no Michigan arrogance during that era (or error).

  • Rich Harwood

    YELLOW and blue , whining f@@$ing maggots,,,we in Traverse City wish South Carolina the best… - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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