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Final Five Thoughts: Michigan vs. Akron

Feature writer John KayserAfter a stunning win last week this week the biggest focus will be on technique, consistency, and hopefully getting reps for the younger guys.

So here are my Final Five Thoughts about the game against Akron today in The Big House.

1. Defensive Line
After a lackluster performance against Notre Dame this position group will be a focal point. Although Akron is not Notre Dame, they still have much to prove. Tommy Rees had all day to throw due to our defensive front being dominated much of the game by the Irish offensive line. I look for the results against the Zips to be the exact opposite this week. Coach Hoke and company have definitely put this group through the ringer this week – so to speak this week – and it will show on Saturday against a perceived lesser MAC opponent. I look for a big show from the rotating front four.

2. The Run Game
Although Fitzgerald Toussaint played well last week there was much to left to be desired from the ground game. This is Akron we are talking about so I could see the Wolverines having multiple 100 yard rushers Saturday. Unless it stays close, I don’t see Hoke and Al Borges keeping Fitz in the game past the first half. Look for Derrick Green to have a big game with what I’m guessing will be at least 15 carries, also Deveon Smith should get quite a few touches himself. The ground game will wear down the Zips so there won’t be much need for a passing game in this one.

3. Shane Morris
Like I said, unless the game stays close into the second half, I don’t see many of the starters staying in throughout the second half. The playing time will not only help the true freshman, it will further show the fans and staff exactly how excited we should be over our future play-caller. I look for a coming out party for many underclassmen today, yet none will shine brighter than number 7. Look for some good experience today for the future signal-caller Shane Morris.

4. Play with Passion
After an amazing game under the lights last week, and playing an under-matched team in Akron, Michigan must not lose passion. Hopefully the team isn’t looking too far ahead into conference play. If this game is close halfway into the second quarter there will be fire needing to be lit within these fellas. I don’t foresee this happening, but you never know. Play like champions today!!

5. Don’t Underestimate
Much like the last point we cannot overlook Akron. The Zips are hungry and we are happy. As anyone who witnessed the horror against Appalachain State, and god knows everyone brings it up all the time, we cannot afford to have our Wolverines look past any opponent…Especially one from the state of Ohio. They are well coached and playing with a chip on their shoulders. Yet I don’t see this being a problem for Team 134.

I see this game as not even being close and being more of a learning experience for our underclassmen. We will focus on technique and teaching our younger players.

Michigan – 62
Akron – 3

Go Blue!

John Kayser

  • Ralph Kennedy

    Really??? 62-3?? This was almost Appalachain St all over. HAHAHAHAHA!!

    • WOLVERINE57.

      …but it wasn’t HA HA!

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