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Friday Hoke News, Notes & Quotes

Danny Sawicki* Brady Hoke stated after the Western game that the defense was “not very good” and the kickoff coverage was “awful.” He goes on to say, “The game itself, we’ve got a lot to work on. We are a long way from being any kind of defense we want to represent Michigan.” I think the D is still a work in progress and will get better as the year goes on. We just have to stick to the fundamentals that the coaches are teaching and hang in there!

* It was noted by observers at that Coach wasn’t wearing the head set at times. He wears the headset when needed. He will take them off when he needs full concentration on the field. And heck, he probably didn’t want to be electrocuted or struck by lightning in that crazy weather at the Big House in game one.

* According to game officials, this was the first game that was concluded early in the program’s history. Coach had this to say, “No, I don’t think (I imagined this), bit it was kind of wild………wet and wild.” That’s a understatement.

* Coach had this to say about Denard Robinson. “Denard always is going to have a hand in what we do. Number one, he’s the quarterback and secondary because of his ability to run with the football.” Robinson looked great. Dancing and prancing he gained 46 yards on 8 carries.

* At Monday’s press conference (Sept. 5), Coach had this to say about the offense. “I think there’s some things that are still out to assess. There are some things we didn’t get to in the offense that maybe we would have liked to have gotten to maybe a little more. There weren’t many plays.” I’m hoping for some long sustained drives on Saturday night.

* Notes and quotes on the injury front. On Troy Woolfolks’ status, Coach had this to say, “It felt better (Sunday). He also stated that Troy could have been used in a emergency situation last week. On why he was used on special teams?

“It’s one-third of a football game. We’re crazy if we don’t have any segment of the game that the guys who can perform what they’re asked to do at the highest level are not out there on the field. That’s part of it.” True that, how many games have you watched that were won and lost because of special teams.

* On linebacker Cam Gordon Coach says, “Cam tweaked his back early in the week, felt better, but still didn’t feel good enough.” Gordon will be back this week and will be a nice addition to the defense.

* Coach Hoke prefers noon games. He had this to say about the huge night game this Saturday. “As a coach or a player, it’s a long day. You try to have enough involvement with the players, so they are not laying in their hotel rooms all day. You get them up, do walk-throughs, you watch film, you do all kinds of things to occupy them. At the same time, it’s a thin line to giving them time to make sure they’re relaxed and getting their mind ready. Coach Hoke coached in more than a half-dozen night games while had coach at Ball State and San Diego State, so he knows what time it is.

* Quick Hoke notes on the upcoming game.

Fitz Toussaint will start at running back.

They will prepare the same way for either Notre Dame’s quarterbacks.

The kickoff coverage will have changes this week.

The suspended players, guard Ricky Barnum, linebacker Marell Evans and running back Stephen Hopkins will return this week. With the suspended players coming back and with Woolfolk and Gordon back from injuries we are - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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