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In Hoke I Trust

Melane KuenzelIt is easy for people to sit back and say who is or is not a good candidate to coach football at the University of Michigan. When it’s all said and done, what really matters to these same people are the statistics at the end of the season.

I agree that the results will speak volumes and are certainly a very important factor to consider, but I also think it is pretty important what the actual “leader” brings to each individual aspect of his football team.

After reading the interview Brady Hoke conducted with the Detroit News Columnist Bob Wojnowski and watching all the subsequent interviews and press conferences since, I am absolutely convinced that this coach — our coach — Brady Hoke will bring much more to Michigan than his knowledge of football.

Brady Hoke will also be a good mentor on a more personal level for his players. Many might not feel that this is a very important quality to posses, but I completely disagree. Lloyd Carr had this type of relationship with his players, and I believe that is a quality that really pulls a group together to become a “team”.

Brady Hoke contributed a lot to the Wolverine’s while he was an assistant coach under Lloyd Carr. Brady mentored the defensive linemen from 1995 – 2002. Three linemen achieved All American honors. Coach Hoke has history with the Wolverines and did a pretty quality job while he was there before. I think Brady Hoke was an excellent choice to become the head U of M football coach!

I for one am extremely excited about the 2011 U of M football season! I personally think Brady Hoke has some great attributes he will be bringing to the Wolverines. I feel the fans are going to be pleasantly pleased at the end of the season instead of being disappointed. I think Brady will use the talent he has on this team to its fullest potential.

The newcomers to the team will learn and feed from this experience. It will be a true team effort with everyone on the same page. All the fans of the University of Michigan football program should hold on to your seats – when you’re in your seats in the Big House that is — because we are in for one heck of ride this year! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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