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The Block "H"

Dear Hokemaniacs,

Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you’re here. Please take a moment to bookmark this site and take some time now to look around. I have personally designed the look of this website with a keen sense of the visual esthetic prominently in mind. In short, I wanted it to look cool!

I’m a stickler for details and I believe strongly that, “it’s better to look good then to feel good” no? So how did I do?

Currently, I run a small operation, but growing. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve been here since day one. This site was launched January 11th, 2011…the day Brady Hoke was officially hired by University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon to become the 19th head football coach in the history of the Wolverine football program.

It’s a passion of mine and I enjoy maintaining and updating it as much as humanly possible. Along with John Kayser, Marcus Hall and Danny Sawicki we hope to bring you content worthy of your time.

The 2012 college football season is going to be a great one and myself along with the few dedicated Michigan faithful will be here every step of the way.

Also, please take a moment to hit that facebook “like” button over there on the right hand side of the page towards the bottom. If you do,  then you will be able to consider yourself “official” a Hokeamaniac. Or just click here now.

I would truly appreciate it so.

Thanks again for stopping by and as I like to say, May the Hoke be with you!

Alvin (The O.H. – Original Hokeamaniac)
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