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Issue #2: September 8th, 2011

Welcome back again Hokeamaniacs!

Before I give you the inside scoop of what you’ll find in issue #2, I’d like to take a moment to reflect most haphazardly on the events that transpired last Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor:

How about that game last week against Western huh? Big win for Brady Hoke and his Michigan Wolverines no? Did you see Jordan Kovacs lay the lumber on the Western Michigan quarterback? You know he led the Wolverines with 10 tackles…right? And Brandon Herron, scored two touchdowns…nice! That accomplishment earned him the Big Ten award for defensive player of the week. So if nothing else the rest of the way, Herron has that going for him…which is nice. But really, who new the Michigan defense had so many play-makers on it?

Denard Robinson…played under control. Not that I mean he normally does not play under control, I mean that he was I suppose, controlled more than usual. How many rushing yards did Denard have…150? 100? 50? 46? Yes 46! Not even 50 yards of rushing…that was ridiculous! His passing skills were modest but completed 9 of 13 passes for 98 yards…not bad.

And what was the deal with that weather? It took 131 seasons before the weather was considered poor enough to suspend play indefinitely and cancel the remainder of the game?

Ah well what is it they say…a win, is a win, is a win…or something? So congratulations to Brady Hoke on earning his first victory in as many tries as head coach of the Wolverines. We all know that things around these parts have been quite uppity these last few days because of it. Ahh-well, back to business.

HOKEAMANIAC Magazine Online Issue #2 Hoke On!

I do hope that you read and enjoyed some of the content found in our first issue published last week because I know for sure we enjoyed bringing it to you.

And as we continue to work the tackling dummies around here to smooth some things out you can continue to  look for each new issue to hit the newsstands (or interwebs) every Thursday morning until further notice.

And if you would all be so kind as to read all the other great Michigan related content provides out there earlier in the week like, or and see what great things they all have to say about Brady Hoke and Michigan program, then save some “quality” time for us to close the week out.

And of course, sharing is caring right? We’d appreciate it if you find something (anything) worthy you then tell a friend or neighbor. Thanks in advance!

Now In this issue…

All the anticipation, speculation and preparation is now over as Brady Hoke finally made his long awaited debut on the sidelines of the Big House as coach of the 132nd team in the history of the Michigan football program. Alvin T. (aka me) gives an overview of what that event actually means in his (my) cover story entitled Hoke On!

With what could be the most anticipated game ever to be played on the football field at the Big House coming up this weekend, John Kayser does his thing and gives a brief (and very readable) breakdown of what the Notre Dame rivalry means to him and covers the match-up that will take place Saturday night  Under the Lights.

Week one of the Big Ten season is now over and week two is just about to get started. So before it does, take a moment to see how the Big Ten stacks up in the first edition of the Big Ten Power Rankings.

Resident prognosticator Danny Sawicki puts his reputation on the line with his Big Ten Pick of the Week. Take a moment to check out that pick and if anything be ready to call him out after the fact.

They say that defense doesn’t lose championships, and that may be true…especially after week one. Tabitha West takes a moment to review how the Michigan defense displayed an eagerly awaited Return of the Tackle.

Please enjoy!

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