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Issue #3: September 15th, 2011

Michigan fans, hate to say it but I had a little problem with the ole’ printing press this week as I’m pushing issue #3 out a bit later in the day then expected. Yet, we like to think it’s was worth the wait. So without any further hesitation, I give you Hokemaniac Magazine Online Issue #3: Majestic Blues – The short story of the greatest game ever played in Ann Arbor.

In this issue:

Before we put all our focus and attention into the game this Saturday, I take one more thrilling (I hope) look back at the lead-up to the most historic game ever played in Ann Arbor, Under the Lights. It’s a somewhat lengthy retrospective of the events that made last Saturday night all that was expected and much more. So if you’re still living off the memories of yesteday, and are not ready to move on, take a few moments to read Majestic Blues – The short story of the greatest game ever played in Ann Arbor.

Danny Dee Sawicki puts his reputation on the line and his 1-0-1 record with his B1G Pick of the Week. Week one, Danny had Wisconsin and he pushed. Last week Danny was right on with his Michigan state -32 pick and looks to extend his 1-game winstreak. Remember, I don’t make the picks, I just pass the savings on to you. So take a moment, and read Danny’s B1G Pick of the Week.

Speaking of hot-streaks, John Kayser give his usual, yet somewhat unorthodox, spin on the Eastern Michigan game. And if you’ve read his stuff so far, he has been pretty right-on in his assestments of the Michigan opponents so far. This week, it’s a lighter read not so heavy on the stats and figures, but more from the heart. Before kickoff this Saturday, be sure to read our Week #3 Preview, the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

The second addition of the B1G Power Rankings is out. Find out how the events of last week impacted the leaderboard and if there is a new #1 team in the Big Ten. Here’s a hint, there is. Find out who by reading the B1G Power Rankings now.

We’ll have a few more items for you on Friday, but for now we all hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and share.  Thanks again in advance! Go Hoke! Go Blue!!

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