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Issue #4 – September 22nd, 2011

The first quarter of Brady Hoke’s first season as head coach at the University of Michigan is over and things only get more difficult from here on in starting with a pretty big test on Saturday against San Diego State.  The Big Ten schedule is right around the corner and Michigan is still working out the kinks in the new pro-style offense of Al Borges.

Greg Mattison has put his stamp on the defense for sure, but the team has developed a very unfortunate knack of starting slow and allowing their opposition to control play in the first quarter. This is a trend that needs to be addressed this week.

Denard Robinson 2011 looks and plays a lot like Denard Robinson 2010…which is a good and bad thing. But overall, Michigan appears to be on the right track.

In Issue #4…

There has been a lot of hub-bub this week regarding the San Diego State Aztecs visit to Ann Arbor and I’m not exactly sure what all the fuss is about…or am I? Either way, take a moment to read about the upcoming game on Saturday in a piece I simply refer to as the Final Exam!

Our man Danny Sawicki upped his record to 2-0-1 and made a great call by picking the Temple Owls to cover at home against Penn State last week. So even if just for the fun of it, click on the following link and see what Danny finds interesting with his B1G Pick of the Week.

Can Brady Hoke just coach a simple, straight-forward, drama-free  game already? If coaching at Michigan was not a challenge enough, every game so far has brought its own share of drama to the Big House and this week things continue that trend when San Diego State comes calling…Be sure to read what the most unorthodox author (so says me) has to say in his Preview Week #4 – Sand Diego State article.

After this week ends, the biggest game in the Big Ten will be played at Camp Randell when the Nebraska Cornhuskers make history by playing their first Big Ten game ever against the Wisconsin Badgers…assuming both teams get past their last non-conference opposition this weekend. But are they the best teams in the Big Ten right now? That is the question. Find out by reading the B1G Power Rankings for week #4.

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