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Michigan falls to Utah 26-10, crisis in Ann Arbor

The Original HokeamaniacIs anyone really surprised at the outcome of the game against Utah?

Prior to kickoff, all signs pointed to a Utes victory. But we, the great people of Michigan, held out hope that actions on the field and decisions made on the sidelines would result in a victory for the Wolverines. Ouch were we wrong.

Just the Facts

Ultimately the Wolverines would out-gain the Utes on the day posting 308 total yards to Utah’s 286. The defense only surrendered 81 yards on the ground and allowed 190 through the air. Not the usual high scoring stats from a Utah team averaging 57 points-a-game over their first two contests.

Devin Gardner completed 14 of his 26 pass attempts for 148 yards and no touchdowns. He did though toss two interceptions and for most of the day locked on to his primary target Devin Funchess to the detriment of the offensive flow.

Funchess finished his day grabbing only four receptions for 82 yards.

Truth be told though, when Gardner did throw to other players, the ball was either overthrown or in many cases, dropped.

Wolverine running back Derrick Green carried the ball 14 times and earned 59 yards with no TDs. Outside of Michigan defensive tackle Willie Henry’s 7-yard interception return for a touchdown late in the first half, the Wolverines would have never found the end zone.

In fact, the offense under the supervision of offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier has  failed to score a touchdown against the two toughest team the Wolverines have faced, Notre Dame (31-0) and Utah (26-10).

The running game as a whole totaled 118 yards on 36 attempts for a 3.3 average-per-attempt.

Utah’s signal caller Travis Wilson demonstrated his moxie and toughness as he was knocked out of the game in the first half when he ran to the sidelines, jumped into the air, collided with multiple Wolverine defenders then ultimately landed on his head and suffered a helmet removing face-plant with bloody nose.

Wilson though returned to the game in the second half and led his team to victory throwing one touchdown on the day on 20 attempts with 14 competitions for 172 yards.

The Wolverines had a punt returned for a touchdown in the first half which gave the Utes a 10-3 lead.

The Unfortunate Truth

For now, let’s just say the game was not a good showing and Brady Hoke and his staff is under big-time pressure. The support the program has subsided and fans are rightfully angry.

Let’s leave it at that, but I’ll be back later after I’ve had a moment to collect my thoughts.


  • me

    Hoke is a dead man walking, they just haven’t told him yet when the execution is, I believe that he should be let go immediately and an interim coach appointed, an end of year search doesn’t work (see RR

  • G’Zilla

    Hoke’s a great guy and did a good job from the start. But time is going on, he looks to be less and less in control. - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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