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Michigan Football: An OSU upset? It’s happened before!

Matt Parker Profile PicThe time is near.

On Saturday Michigan and Ohio will continue the GREATEST rivalry in all of college sports.

I know not a lot of people are giving Michigan a chance to win this game. And if the games were played only on paper, the favorites would win every time.

Yet like the former NFL player and head coach Herman Edwards once said, “You play to win the game!” And I suspect that is exactly what Brady Hoke’s Wolverines will tend to do Saturday in Ann Arbor against the currently undefeated and #3 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.

No game is bigger than this game. This year or most any year.

Michigan has a chance to save, no, make their season and earn some much needed respect. And if the Wolverines are to earn one of the biggest upsets over a top-rated, undefeated rival, truth be told, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Probably the greatest and biggest win over the Buckeyes ever for the Maize and Blue and the game that established instantly the legendary status of Wolverine great coach Bo Schembechler.

That Ohio State team this season was called by the media the greatest college football team of all time or something. They had a roster loaded with All-Big Ten players and All-Americans. “The Game” also featured the student vs. the teacher with Bo being a former assistant at OSU under Woody Hayes. This match-up started the famous “10 Year War” between the coaches and schools.

Michigan shocked the world that day and won 24-12.

This game will forever be known as the Tim Biakabutuka game. The 10-0 Ohio State Buckeyes was given the advantage once again over an underachieving 8-3 Lloyd Carr squad. In the game, the Wolverines employed the ole Biakabutuka to the left. Biakabutuka to the right. Biakabutuka up the middle trick and when the game ended, the Buckeye defense surrendered 313 rushing yards on 37 attempts to Timmy. Michigan won 31-23.

Once again Ohio State was favored to win the game. Michigan had other thoughts though of course. Michigan won that game with Brian Griese coming in to help give the Wolverines a spark. Blue was a 17-point underdog and yet prevailed 13-9. The Buckeyes entered the game with an 10-0 record. They finished the season 11-1. Michigan was 7-3 entering the game. They finished 8-4.

Things are different though now. John Cooper was the coach at OSU during those monumental failures for the Buckeyes in the nineties. He is no longer there and things have not been the same since. Current coach Urban Meyer’s current undefeated streak with the Buckeyes is two years running and a national title shot is not out of the picture for him and his team. All he has to do now is get past Michigan on Saturday.

I know that it’s an uphill battle for our boys but I still think that Michigan can and will win the game. They will have to avoid the big play early on and keep the game close. The Wolverines will need to put pressure on the Buckeyes on the field and in the stands. The longer the game stays close, the more intense it will get and that’s when things can fall apart…for either team.

If Ohio State get’s out to a quick 21-point lead like many expect, it might be a long blue day for Blue. If they do not, then I like our chances.

One victory does not a season make. Unless the victory is over an undefeated Buckeyes team that is. Then it does very much so.

Go Blue! Beat Ohio!!

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