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Michigan Football: Don’t stop believin’

John Kayser Feature WriterEntering the 2014 season many Michigan fans did not think we would be in this situation so early in the season and I was one of them.

Everything that transpired led many including myself to believe that 2014 was “the year” for Michigan football.

Many also witnessed the hiring of Doug Nussmeier, the flipping of the position coaches defensively and the cohesive gelling of the players themselves and got a sense of security for this season.

Flash forward to the present, coming off an abysmal loss to the Golden Domers everything seems to be now in question.

Are we heading for another repeat of 2013? Will coach Hoke be fired? Should Hoke be fired after leading the men in Maize to their first scoreless game since Bo’s 6-6 team faced iowa?

The questions seem to answer themselves yet, hold off on the doom and gloom and let me tell you why I see light at the end of this darkened proverbial tunnel the program seems to be in currently:

Fans are currently in an uproar, taking to social media to cry out their displeasure over everything that is currently what we know as Michigan football. Everyone wants another Bo or another Lloyd Carr.

Fact of the matter is though folks there will never be another Bo or Carr no matter how much that pains the fanbase. There is however a man named Brady Hoke who took a program that had been flipped upside down under his predecessor. What Hoke did is he restored the program’s foundation to resemble what it once was ethically at the very least.

Hoke has struggled the past few years  which gives the appearance that the wheels are falling off and the athletic department needs to find a new coach fast before all hope is lost. This is an unfair and an untrue assumption made by fans with little faith seeking desperately for a quick fix to a complex situation.

Team 135 is in good shape despite the shellacking it took in South Bend this past weekend. Injuries seem to be a cause for concern this week but despite this the team still seems to be in good.

Quarterback Devin Gardner looks to have regressed back to his 2013 self which shocked many.

Understanding is needed after all this is only his second season at the helm of the offense and his first with Nussmeier. Things look dire and someone has to take the brunt of the criticism. Hoke is the head coach and takes the responsibility as he should.

Hoke has put his men in the best position to win as he can even if some fans cannot fathom that, fact of the matter is that it is true. Who is to blame for the loss? Many blame Hoke and some blame Gardner yet, we should blame all the above. It is apparent the fighting irish just flat out dominated the Wolverines.

Blame Hoke not wearing a headset and not being mad after the loss if you must but know his attitude, demeanor, and lack of leadership was not the cause of the loss. The Irish played better, they prepared better, they flat out wanted to whoop Michigan’s ass and they came out and did just that.

If you want to blame something blame Hoke for his “chicken” comment last year. Blame whoever played the “chicken dance” at the end of the game last season (which was classless and very un-Michigan like). Blame yourselves for taking the chickening out thing to social media and running wild with it.

Michigan fired them Irishmen up and asked for this whether you can see that or not.

Hoke is not the kind of coach who is going to express anger to the media or to his team after a defeat. Those kids are going to beat themselves up after a loss like that, he does not accomplish anything by kicking them while they are down.

The players know the coach is not happy after that it does not need to be vocalized, it is expected. Hoke did exactly what he should have done and that is stand behind and support his team even after the embarrassing showing they displayed. Should Hoke wear a headset and scream more is debatable.

One thing is for certain though; Hoke knows how to win at Michigan.

He was blessed enough to coach under Lloyd Carr and to know Bo as well. Whether or not he applies the knowledge he has obtained under these giants of coaching to team 135 has really yet to be seen. There has been signs like the successful first year and 11-2 record. Hoke has proven he can do it.

Have faith that this program is headed in a much better direction than it was under Rich Rod or how Coach Carr left it in.

Brady Hoke has done his job and will continue to do so to the best of his abilities. Hoke’s job is on the line and he knows that, he knows he has to win and he knows last week cannot happen again. He will do everything he can to prepare these young men to do battle and to be victorious.

Will all that Hoke does be enough to win and bring Michigan back to its former glory? Time will tell. Is there someone better suited to lead this team to the Big Ten championship?

Ask his players and I bet you they will tell you not a chance in hell. I for one will take their word for it. Never give up hope on team 135 they might just surprise us this season.

As Bo once said “those who stay will be champions” this still echoes on to this day. Fans cannot change the past or the present, all a fan can do is love their team with all their heart and hope for the best. This team’s dreams are still intact, the Big Ten championship is still reachable and until it’s not this season is not a failure.

Everyone wants their team to be undefeated and win the national championship, which is unreasonable to ask out of a young team like this year’s installment is. Hope is not lost, there is no dumpster fire, and it is only week 3! Get behind the boys in blue and know the Wolverines staff is doing all they can to win whether or not it is exactly how you would want them to go about it.

GO BLUE! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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