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Michigan Football: Offense Snatches Defeat Out the Jaws of Victory

Dr. Billi Gordon PicI am going to begin by talking about the offensive highlights of Saturday’s game against Iowa.  I will now move on to the next subject.  There’s nothing to say.  Well maybe there is one thing to say: Once again, Michigan’s non-existent offense managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

The offense was horrible for the entire game; plain and simple. The Maize and Blue finished the game with a total of 158 yards of offense. The offense gained 6 yards in the third quarter, and no, that is not a typo. Devin Gardner looks more bewildered and unconfident each game. The offensive line blocked like blocking was a felony offense.

Where was Michigan’s running game? It was where it always is.  Michigan’s running game was at Stanford, or in Tuscaloosa, or College Station; I don’t know where it was, but I know where it wasn’t.  It wasn’t with Michigan—again. Borges started Fitzgerald Toussaint, but used Derrick Green as the main ball carrier. De’Veon Smith did not receive any carries this game, which I personally find curious, but I’m not a coaching expert.

The defense fought hard for the entire game. But what’s the point in getting the ball back when your offense is non-existent?  “I need to coach our team better,” Brady Hoke said.  Was that an admission or was he reading David Brandon’s mind?   Bottom line, Iowa won 24-21 and we’re done here.

Now let’s move on to some new business: Ohio State, who hasn’t lost a game since Urban Meyer’s been head coach. Well Brady Hoke hadn’t lost a home game until Nebraska came to town.  There’s a first of the year, a first of the month, and a first of the week.  Likewise, there will be a first time for Urban Meyer to lose a game.

That first time will be this Saturday in Ann Arbor.  There’s one thing that will salvage this season and that’s beating Ohio State.  I know it, you know it, and you can bet the coaches and the team know it.   The team that wins the big games is not the best team on paper per se.  It is not always the best-coached team.  Nor, is it the most athletic team either.  The team that wins the big game is the team with most to lose.

Michigan is clearly the team with the most to lose.

1) Ohio State is not going to make it to the national championship game even if they blow us out and blow Michigan State out in the B1G Ten Championship because the national perception of the conference is not favorable.  We know it, they know it, and the BCS certainly knows it.

2) Ohio State is overrated and overconfident.  They won’t be ready.  By the time they get ready, the game will be over.

3) We’re not playing for anything and we’re playing for everything.

The reality is the offense is most likely playing for Al Borge’s job, and maybe Brady Hoke’s as well at this point.

4) The one thing that would make this season not a total loss would be to go out beating Ohio State.  Michigan is playing for pride, dignity and lost respect.

5) It always has, and always will, come down to “the game”.


Dr. Gordon

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