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Michigan Football: You gotta’ support The Team!

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The moment Michigan Wolverine head coach Brady Hoke first took the stage in his very first press conference back in 2011 he declared,   “This is Michigan!” And because he did, his team and their performance on the field needs to live up to the expectation and standard he himself set. Well, this is MICHIGAN! And after two games we still have no clue about how good (or bad) this team will be .

When the Wolverines played Appalachian State in week one it looked like a Michigan team that was showing signs of improvement. The running game had two running backs go for over a 100 yards rushing.

Quarterback Devin Gardner only missed one pass and finished the game 12 for 13 with three touchdowns.  After the beating that took place at the Notre Dame game fans are now left wondering what really is Michigan football 2014.  Notre Dame took it to the Wolverines last week winning 31-0. That was the first shutout in 42 meetings.

Fans are upset right now and rightfully so after that Notre Dame game.

The national reputation of Michigan is not good at all right now. But you know who can change what that? The players and the coaches can.

I definitely think that they have what it takes to still make this a GREAT year.

The BIG Ten also needs Michigan to turn it around. When Michigan is strong it is good for the conference. All the top programs in the conference have already lost this year. Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State and the Wolverines all share a 1-1 record.

Michigan fans desperately want the program to get back to dominating teams week in week out at home or on the road.

Plenty of fans have questioned that if Michigan has a bad year this year what will that do for Brady Hoke.  Fans have been calling for Michigan to fire coach Hoke after the beatdown that Notre Dame gave Michigan.

I say fans need to have expectations but know that no decision on the coach will be made until the year is over.

Recruits on the other hand will have some serious thinking to do if Michigan has a bad year. They have to really think about how much they love the school or were they coming because of Hoke.

The ones that are coming because they love the school will not waver one bit if Hoke gets fired at the end of of the season.  I think that this class with Malzone at the helm will keep just about everyone if Hoke does get fired. This recruiting class seems to have a strong bond so far.

I personally do not want to see Hoke fired at the end of the year. I want Michigan to be Michigan and to be great the rest of the year. Let’s hope starting this Saturday vs Miami of Ohio that Michigan can get back on track with a W.

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