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Ohio native Mike McCary says Go Blue!

Michigan Recruit #14 LB Mike McCary

Michigan Recruit #14 LB Mike McCary

Update: As I was writing this, Mr McCray officially did offer up his commitment to Brady Hoke and the University of Michigan. He is now verbal #14 in the 2013 class and another great pickup for Michigan, the staff, and all us Hokeamaniacs. Go Blue!

After the haul of 10 commits in less than a week and all being highly touted, highly ranked players in the Midwest, having a two week stretch with no movement seems slow.

We started hearing that this could be another good week for the Maize n Blue. Word is that we should see another surge in commits. Maybe not like the one we witnessed a couple weeks ago but 2-4 should not be any big surprise.

Rumors that we could again take a couple from Ohio and one from Illinois have began to surface on Twitter and blogs everywhere in Wolverine nation.

One of these players rumored to be giving a commitment is Mike McCray the 6’4 230# highly touted OLB from Ohio, He is another that grew up a Buckeye/Notre Dame fan. He has family that has played for both. He is also visiting Today (3/6/12) and has made the decision to cancel his public announcement of where he will attend school.

This all adds up in Michigan’s favor. Along with him saying on twitter “Loving this Michigan family” and the sad fact that Ohio fans have not been civil to the instate players that commit to Michigan. We have seen over and over that players like Kalis, Charlton and Butts have been threatened and called names, so much that they publicly (twitter, facebook) ask for the ignorance and immaturity to stop.

We also could see another top Ohio LB commit, 6’3 215# Ben Gedeon is being tossed around as a likely, commit. He is less likely to do so than McCray but, has Michigan at the top of his list.

My source close to the program has also told me that Ty Issac,the 6’2 235# bruising RB from Illinois is a real possibility,the kid has everything you would want for the power running game that the staff is going to implement starting in 2013.

The source told me that the staff feel like they can convince him to commit as long as his visit goes well. We need a top rated running back THIS CLASS. Our stable is going to start to be depleted after this year and Michigan has been without a stand out back since Mike Hart went in the draft.

Don’t get me wrong. Fitz T is our guy right now and I expect big things out of him the next 3 years but we need to get that position to a high level clear down to the 3 deep.

The recruiting plan for Linebacker has been of interest to the recruiting fans as of late. Nobody really knows what the true plan is. Michigan is the leader for 4 very good prospects in Gedeon, McCray, Levenberry and O’Daniel all being 4*. There are all kinds of theories about this.

Some say we will only take two, some say we will take the first 3 to commit and some think we take all 4. Dorian O’Daniel (6’1 205) and E.J Levenberry (6’3 225) are the higher rated of the four and Levenberry could eventually turn into a 5* player.

So it seems tough to think that even if we get McCray and Gedeon we would pass up on either of O’Daniel or Levenberry. But recruiting is allays fluid and surprises are the norm.

Its my opinion that this class of 22-23 is all but locked up before we flip the calender to May, leaving 3-4 spots for elites that extend their recruitment out the the UA and AA games or even the final days of the 2013 cycle.

So HokeAmaniacs the takeover of Ohio should continue over the week. Ohio has even made an attempt to slow it down by hiring DB coach Coombs from Cincy. He is known as a recruiter and has got a good grasp on Ohio especially the surrounding Dayton area where Hoke is right at home.

But It’s looking like The University of Michigan is in good position as of now for a top 3 class and to keep that gaping hole in the “wall” around Ohio pointing north. I like to think of it more like when you were a kid and said “I have a force field up, you cant touch me” because that’s sort of the attitude the staff in Columbus has taking. Hey Urban that force field isn’t actually there.

As everything goes right we could be looking at a top three class or even a recruiting title so stay tuned for god sakes because we are only half way home. Go Blue - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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