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Michigan’s season mercifully ends with 14-31 loss to K-State

Well…That’s that! The season has come to an end Saturday with the Wolverines’ 14-31 loss to Kansas State out in Arizona in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

Freshman QB Shane Morris had some decent number – being his first start in a pretty big game – going 24 for 38 with 196 passing yards, yet with no touchdowns and one interception. It didn’t help much that his receivers dropped a few passes.

The Wolverine defense didn’t do him any favors surrendering 420 yards to K-State and allowing the Wildcats to go down the field and score on their first three possessions all ending on Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters touchdown passes to wideout Tyler Lockett.

The Michigan offense was incapable of reaching the end zone until the final minutes when the game had been all but decide. At that time the K-State sideline was more concerned about dunking their head football coach Bill Snyder with a bucket of water than stopping the Wolverines.

Once again rushing yards were tough to come by for Blue as the team grinder out only 65 total on the day. What was worse, the two leading rushers for Michigan were quarterback Morris and the tight end Funchess who combined for 57 yards. 40 of those came on a scramble by Morris. The offensive play calling was also conservative even though Morris looked fine enough to handle more.

The Wolverine secondary couldn’t contain Lockett who caught 10 passes for 116 yards with three scores. The run defense didn’t fair any better surrendering 146 yards total with a 4.1 yard-per-carry average.

Regardless, our boys finished the year with a 7-6 record after starting the season 5-0.

I sure hope this seasons hurts deep inside those that stay to play and coach again next year. Kansas State is a decent football team that played well down the stretch, but this wasn’t a good showing at all by Brady Hoke’s squad…again.

Now it’s time to prepare for 2014. And the fans will all be back to support the teams to the end like they do every year.

Brady Hoke needs to do what he must to make a difference and get this team back to the top. Three season and still not a whiff of a Big Ten title. So using Hoke’s own words that’s three season “we’ve failed.”

Not worried yet about the future, it just was a down year. But, the pressure is starting to mount. Too many times after games players and coached have talked about not being ready, or having to be more prepared. That’s unacceptable and needs to be fixed.

That’s about it…Go Blue!!

  • Dan

    Hoke needs to go along with everybody else. I see no hope for this team as long as we have these sorry coaches here. Truly pathetic. Get one of the Harbaugh brothers here asap. Until then we are a joke of a program. Sad but true.

  • Jon Stevens

    Hate to agree with ya Dan, but……. I am closer now than ever b4. Next year needs to be better…… 9-3 at least plus a bowl WIN. PROgress, not Regress. The offense this year was PATHETIC….. so my support of Burgess is G O N E. (Wish it counted for something). A fan of the Blue for almost 50 years….. this team needs to come out next year with a HUGE chip on its shoulder and want to dismember ALL of its opponents - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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