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Michigan Wolverines Mott Spring Game Afterthoughts

John KayserAfterthoughts: Mott Spring Game
Coming into the day only two things were for sure to me, Brady Hoke is our coach and Denard Robinson is the Michigan starting QB. Thinking back after the game I’m sure of one.

Backup QB Devin Gardner really impressed me on Saturday not so much as a passer, but as runner. I also loved seeing all the snaps the redshirt freshman Russell Bellomy got and I especially enjoyed how many plays the quarterbacks ran from under center. That tells me Coach Hoke and company actually are progressing toward traditional “Bo Ball” as I like to call it and it was nice to see.

The Wolverine backfield looks to be stacked to say the least too!

I disliked the move initially to put junior RB Stephen Hopkins in the fullback position, but that move looks to be the right one…especially with the likes of Vincent Smith, Thomas Rawls, Fitz Toussaint and Justice Hayes on the roster.

Jordan Kovacs and Devin Gardner share a moment.

Michigan saftey #32 Jordan Kovacs and backup QB #7 Devin Gardner share a break in the action during the Mott Spring Game presented by PNC on Saturday. (Image courtesy of

It also seems like offensive coordinator Al Borges is flirting with the idea of moving Smith into the starting role which I don’t really agree with. Maybe he would be best utilized as a third down back or receiving back and that would be okay, but Smith is no Fitz to me.

Fitz (as I like to call him) ran very well on Saturday in the limited reps as I somewhat anticipated he’d get.

Rawls is looking like a young Mike Hart and seems to have made himself the front-runner for the number two position on the depth chart or number three more likely as I believe Smith and Rawls will be rotated depending on the situation.

I personally hope the helmet numbers and gray face masks leave along with spring ball.

Bo started the blue face masks because “This Is Michigan!”

They should be blue, we aren’t ohio!

And those numbers on the helmets, that really gets to me for several reasons.

Originally it was something we did one year in the sixties, by keeping these, Coach Hoke appears to be making this display more of a tradition now than it was then. That and the fact we are not Alabama, it just seems tacky to me. Let them clutter their helmets with stickers. But I digress!

I was somewhat disappointed in the defense though during practice overall. It didn’t seem like they had the hunger and tenacity they displayed last year at this time. I know it’s early but if the Wolverines are to be successful early, it will need to be because of some outstanding, dominating defensive play.

Michigan’s biggest test on the field will undoubtedly be the first game played, the one in Cowboys Stadium on September 1st in Arlington, Texas.

I’m expecting by kickoff of that game, Michigan will be ready to pick things up from where they left off last year and will continue to expedite the restoration project going on in Ann Arbor by earning a hard fought victory over the defending national champions the Alabama Crimson Tide.

If the Wolverines can and do beat Alabama, they would really be set up with a great shot to end the season as national champions.

Expectations are high right now and smiles fill the faces of the Michigan faithful all across this great land. As Brady Hoke reminds us all that it really is great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Especially if you’re a member of Team 133. How great would that be?

Go Blue and god bless!

John Kayser
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