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My Michigan Thoughts in a Thirds Perspective

Andrew Forner Profile As the Michigan Wolverines leave their bye week behind them as they enter Big Ten play, and as a third of their season is now over (really?), there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

The promising start to the season was quickly followed by two lackluster performances in which Michigan was a heavy favorite in both. What does this say about the Michigan Wolverines up to this point in the season?

For those of you looking for a definitive answer, I am sorry to disappoint you. The fact remains that this is a very young Michigan team with a lot of talent. Keep in mind that Michigan finally has the “ideal” pro-style quarterback behind the center in which to run Al Borges’s offense. The pieces to the puzzle are finally in Ann Arbor!

Doubt may have existed before with Michigan fans, but with the coaching staff that is in place now and the system we are finally implementing to its fullest potential, the future is bright.

Coach Hoke and his staff have been diligently working to improve performance in all areas during the off-week and we can expect to see drastic improvements in the turnover game as well as the offensive line really getting their assignments down. This will only allow Fitzgerald Toussaint to continue to exhibit all of the training and hard work he committed to in the off-season recovering from his torn ACL last year. And thus-far this season, Hoke has stayed true to his senior leader and as a result, Toussaint had his best game of the season against UConn rushing for 120 yards and two touchdowns.

Many Michigan fans are calling out for Derrick Green and other highly touted recruits to get more playing time. At ease Wolverine fans, you will see them getting more and more playing time in various situations. They are the future and Hoke and his staff are bringing them along at the right tempo.

Headed into the Minnesota game this Saturday against the 4-1 Golden Gophers, I would like to see a few things from our Michigan Wolverines;

They first and foremost need to win the turnover battle! No more interceptions…

Devin Gardner is a very smart quarterback and he is working day-in and day -out to improve his game in this area. That is a fact! He has to play up to the level that not only all Michigan supporters and coaching staff expect, but that Gardner expects of himself as well.

The offensive line needs to continue to learn their assignments and it’s only a matter of time before they dominate and the rest of the country is buzzing about them.It’s true!

Last but not least, I’d like to see the tight ends involved more in the passing game. The big-play ability is there and we’ve seen some shining moments, yet not enough to this point.

Michigan has a history of successful tight end/quarterback combinations and this team has the talent at both positions! It will be interesting to see how the Wolverines come out against the Golden Gophers and what adjustments have been made.

Andrew Forner

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  • CamerinW

    I love this! Well said :) Go Blue! Bleeding Maize & Blue forever.

  • Sedric

    Nicely said my friend, I think Michigan has a chance of knocking off overrated OSU

    Seddy Tee

  • Andy Collins

    Well written Andrew, I am glad that someone is smart enough to write from a patient perspective. There is a ton of young talent in Ann Arbor this year and I am glad to be reminded that all the pieces are in place to run the system that we want to see week in and week out. Funchess and Butt are two great TE’s!

  • captain alexandros

    word up! go blue - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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