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Nebraska Ends Hoke’s Undefeated Home Streak, Wins 17-13

A streak no more! Michigan falls to Nebraska 17-13. Brady Hoke’s home win streak ends at 19 straight.

To say it’s been a down two weeks for our Maize & Blue would be an understatement. After falling to MSU last week, the Wolverines couldn’t shake the loss and the Michigan offense was unable to sustain a strong defensive second-half performance and the team ultimately allowed Nebraska the game winning TD with two minutes on the clock.

Michigan capitalized on a muffed punt and took their first lead of the game with a 40-yard Brendan Gibbons field goal late in the 4th quarter which made the score 13-10 Wolverines.

Nebraska gambled on a fourth-and-two with under four minutes to go and converted on a 26-yard sideline pass froTommy Armstrong Jr. to wide receiver Kenny Bell that ended on the Michigan four yard line.

Three plays later, Armstrong Jr. then completed a short shovel pass to Huskers running back Ameer Abdullah who then drove and dove into the end zone for the score. With the successful Pat Smith extra point, Nebraska regained the lead 17-13 with two minutes remaining.

Michigan then started their last drive on the twenty and the final drive came down to a fourth-and-five situation that ended on an incomplete dropped pass attempt from Gardner to Drew Dileo.

With the loss, Brady Hoke’s undefeated home win streak came to an end at 19 straight.

Nebraska then ran out the clock.

The Wolverines converted only 3-of-15 times on third down and finished the day with -21 yards rushing. Devin Gardner did though for 196 yards on 18 completions with 27 attempts with one score.

It seems I’ve said this before, but really, what else can you say? Always Blue, yet feeling blue.

With the loss, the Wolverines fall to 2-3 in the Big Ten and 6-3 overall with three games left to play. The next two will be on the road before Michigan finishes the season at home against OSU.

A season that started with such great promise is now turning into something quite different. Michigan is capable of winning their remaining games for sure, but at this point, does anyone really think they will?

  • TruBlue62

    Not all that upset about streak ending, last week we were beat down by a superior team, but this week………….beaten by a MEDIOCRE Nebraska team…..unbelievable!
    Lets review:
    Last 2 weeks, -69 yards rushing and more than 8 sacks…….DISGRACEFUL
    Offensive Line……..HORRIBLE
    Offensive Coordinator…………Definition of insanity doing same thing over and over again expecting different result! CAN’T run the ball!
    CANNOT make adjustments to put Offense in position to be successful.
    Un-imaginative play calling, no creativity = FIRED
    QB that is now gun shy……….Will not make plays = AFRAID
    Defense that is in right position 99% of the time but fails to make plays……..can’t get off the field on 3rd down = LOSSES
    Die hard MICHIGAN fan but these last four games have been hard to watch! The season is over, the coaches know it as do the players. I can see 6 – 6 this year very clearly and this coaching staff has a lot of work to do IF they remain. - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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