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Preview Week #13: The Game!

John KayserThis war started long before football. It is also how we got our nickname. When Michigan and Ohio were battling for Toledo the Ohio men were quoted ” them boys are mean as some wolverines” the name stuck n’ so did the hatred.

This game is about more than just simply football.

Being a Michigan fan two hours south of Columbus I know all to well what this game means to some. It’s bragging rights for a year, it’s being able to walk into work with a smile on my face and my co-workers stare in anger at my smugness… That hasn’t happened in eight years for me… I hate Ohio more than I hate Roseanna’s voice… And I hate Roseanna’s voice. I hate their fans as much as I do the team itself. Anyway I’m getting carried away. Here’s the damn preview

For Fickledick and his band of criminals the game plan will be run the ball, and stop Denard. But that will not work. As hard as I have tried to make this an unbiased review I just can’t do it. My hatred runs to deep to given them any credit even if it some kind of deserved credit.

Michigan must stick to its’ guns; Play smart sound mistake free football.

The Wolverines cannot let their emotions get the best of them. As long as our defense is clicking with Demeans, Ryan and Van Bergen as well as our defensive backfield with J.T Floyd and freshman sensation Blake Countess things should continue to roll well in Ann Arbor.

Michigan will win the game. To win, the Wolverines must emphasize the attributes of success that Bo  would have wanted most… The team!

If we play as a team and play with accountability while applying mentally sound and smart decision making Michigan should prevail. And while utilizing emotions but only when beneficial, the hits will be harder and the passion will be intense…even in Ohio it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

Go Blue!!!

Michigan – 34, tSIo – 13 - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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