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Preview Week #11: Illinois

John KayserLast year’s contest between these two conference foes had it all… Except for defense. This year though will not be the same as coach Mattison has the boys in blue back in shape on that side of the ball.

Ron Zook and Nathan Scheelhouse look to give the Brady bunch a lot to handle offensively. Look for the running game to be dominant as they ranked 11th in rushing offense last year. The passing game was terrible for the fighting illini last season as they ranked 111th n the nation. But this season Nathan scheelhouse is a better passer n the passing game will be better this year. If the illini are to win they will need to find balance between the run and pass and tenacity and intensity on defense and hope its an off day for shoelace.

Michigan is reeling from a disappointing loss to Iowa last week and will have much to prove on both sides of the ball. Defensively they must keep pressure on the qb and minimalize mistakes. Offensively shoelace must find consistency in the pocket and become more relaxed aware and confident as a passer. When Denard has the passing attack in full gear it opens up lanes n opportunities for the duo of backs Michael Shaw and Fitz Toussaint.

This one won’t be no three overtime offensive onslaught. Yet, it won’t be no walk in the park either. If Denard makes smart and good throws and the rushing attack utilizes their speed n strength the offense will keep scoring and it will be up to the defense to show the Illini this isn’t the same team they put up 64 points on against last year.

A close game with shoelace as the X factor. He comes ready to shine n shine he does..
Michigan-38 , Illinois-24 - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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