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Preview Week #12: Nebraska Cornhuskers

John KayserThe first meeting between the two in the new realigned Big Ten Conference should be a slugfest.

These two teams have met before though, and they also share claim to the 1997 Nation Championship honors.

It is for that reason I have had a hatred for Nebraska since I was 10.

I remember seeing an interview with a Nebraska player after there bowl and they denounced Michigan and said that they deserved the complete share of the title, thus the hatred was born. The Alamo bowl loss to them didn’t help me like them anymore either. Just a little background on the games personal significance in my life. Now here is how the game breaks down…

Nebraska has risen from the ashes to reclaim elite status within the college football ranks under Bo Pelini.

Helmed by mobile yet accurate young gun Taylor Martinez and thoroughbred running back Rex Burkhead , the Nebraska’s offense has just as much talent if not more than our beloved Brady bunch.

There defense is a monster too, given the loss of Suh to the NFL and Jared Crick  to injury.

This year’s Nebraska team has been shaken though winning games easily against Big Ten elite tSIO. Yet they lost games they were expected to win like the disappointing loss at home to Northwestern. Even with all that said this is an extremely dangerous cornhusker team that will be expecting a win in the big house.

Michigan must be consistent!

Wether it’s Shoelace or Gardner at the helm Michigan must be physical and efficient.

The defense cannot make mistakes and the offense must click on all cylinders. Jordan kovacs will be relied on to blitz, play coverage and confuse Martinez and keep him guessing every snap.

Jibreel Black, Mike Martin and Craig Roh need to shutdown Burkhead and Martinez run opportunities and force them to pass under pressure.

Fitz Toussaint must keep amazing people. But the qb will be the key. If Robinson and Gardner play efficiently and the defense plays well we will win.

Michigan- 31 , Nebraska- 28

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