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Preview Week #7 – Michigan State Spartans

John KayserThis rivalry has been lopsided lately in little brother’s favor. Yet Coach Hoke and team are in their prime and ready to do something Rich Rod never could, beat state. Playing in East Lansing will give “Green” the edge, but Michigan shall overcome and here’s why.

Michigan State is riding the karma train after a two loss season and a share of the Big Ten title. MSU coach Mark Dantonio is an amazing coach and keen strategist that will mentally challenge Mattison, Borges and Hoke all game long.

The Spartans will be led by senior quarterback Kirk Cousins, running back Edwin Baker, and all American wideout B.J Cunningham. The offense is definitely stacked and will balance the run and pass in a way that should give headaches for Mattison throughout the contest.

Having done slightly better in passing offense than rushing last season, look for the trio of Cunningham, Martin and Nichol to play an integral part in the Spartan offensive attack. It doesn’t hurt that not only does MSU have Baker in the backfield but also have Bell and Caper just in case of injury. The Spartans are and should be favored in the contest and have the ability to give the Brady Bunch their first loss of 2011.

Michigan has a bitter taste in their mouth after the Rich Rod era especially when it comes to rivalry games. Michigan has done something the last couple years that they aren’t used to…lose to State in consecutive years.

I believe in this Michigan team and the coaching staff and I know they will be fully prepared for anything Sparty has to throw at them.
Defensively the keys to victory will be stopping the running game and containing the QB Cousins.  If the Wolverines want any chance to win they have to stop the run.

State has a talented backfield with depth for days. Shutting down the run and forcing Cousins to solely rely on the pass will help the Wolverines drastically.

Then with such talented wideouts coverage must be flawless for our survival. Mattison will use his unique blitz packages and coverage schemes to keep cousins on his toes and give our offense the chance to play for the win.

The key to “our” victory will undoubtedly be Denard Robinson.

If the Michigan defense stops the run, keeps coverage tight and keeps pressure on Cousins it should cause turnovers and give the offense the opportunity to win the game. If Denard can play to the best of his abilities in passing, rushing and decision making I expect the Michigan defense to do their part on the road in keeping the game close.

If Denard struggles and throws another 3 interceptions at the worst times again, things may not turn out so well for the fans of the Maize and Blue.
State gives us a scare in the best matched game of the year so far. But Coach Hoke and the “Team” will prevail in the end.

Michigan-38 , Little Brother-31 - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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