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Preview Week #9: Purdue Boilermakers

John KayserAfter a completely heart-breaking loss to State the Wolverines look to bounce back after the bye week in a Big Ten contest that matches the Leaders versus Legends Divisions. Here is it how it all breaks down.

Danny Hope coach of the Purdue Boilermakers has brought exactly that to the program…hope! New jerseys and a new mentality are in Purdue’s grasp…just not this week.

They have under achieved all year long and have lost some games they shouldn’t have. Yet with Rob Henry they stand a chance in this game.

Ralphie Bolden and Antavian Edison look to sweeten the Boilermakers offensive attack. Rushing will be big in their gameplan and in this area Michigan will find itself vulnerable occasionally. The Boilermakers ranked 49th in rushing last year but a dismal 112th in passing. Given the passing game has gotten better, although not much.

Purdue will rely heavily on the defense to step up and lead as it does quite frequently in West Lafayette. This Purdue defense is monster defense and they will be looking to kick the Wolverines while they are down and out.

Reeling from a loss to “Little Brother” and lost without Denard, the Maize and Blue should play a lot more under-center (if Robinson is still unable to play and Gardner starts). We might see some shaky play at first as it takes Gardner time to adjust and adapt. Yet, I believe we will mesh as a team as the game goes along.

The Michigan defense must play better as well and will need to provide better coverage and achieve more efficiency in pass rushing and stopping the run.

They must get better and continue to progress as a unit. There is no doubt that in 2011, the Michigan Wolverine defense has made a lot of progress but much more is still required.

This will be a close contest just because of Devin Gardner’s lack of playing time and Purdue’s thirst for a win. Purdue is playing sound football now and they handed Illinois their 2nd loss of the season one week ago. But I fully expect the boys in blue will pull through in Ann Arbor Saturday and rebound from that ugly loss two weeks ago.

Michigan-24 , Purdue-21

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