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Quick Hit Preview Game 2: Michigan vs. Air Force

John KayserAlthough it took me damn near the whole week to get over the thrashing the Wolverines took in Dallas, I am here once again to tell you why our Wolverines will bounce back! Michigan will not be discouraged but through proper motivation, will prevail.

Now Air Force is no creme puff!

They’re not technically on the same level talent wise as Michigan, but can put up some impressive numbers if given the chance.  They are a quality program lead by a coach and innovator of the option run game, Troy Calhoun. This team will run, run and run some more with their stout tough-as-nails running back.

Currently after the first week of play, the Air Force running game is #1 in the nation putting up 484 yards against Idaho State. Air Force also has an agile quarterback Connor Dietz who is somewhat of a Denard clone who can earn yards running the ball when the opportunity presents itself. And Air Force has the best fullback core in the nation.

Wes Cobb of Air Force

Air Force running back Wes Cobb (AP Photo/The Colorado Springs Gazette, Jerilee Bennett)

This will be no easy task, especially if Brady Hoke’s team plays anything like they did last week.

Denard Robinson must rebound from last week’s performance and his team must shake off that lashing as quick as possible and move forward. Offensive coordinator Al Borges stated publicly that he would run the same game-plan again against Alabama if given the chance. Well, let’s hope he devises a new one for Air Force.

The Air Force defense should allow for much more room for the Michigan offense to create and should present, no WILL present much less of a challenge for Denard and the running game. Michigan will also look for a boost in production on the ground with the return of suspended senior Fitz Toussaint.

And as for the Greg Mattison defense, let’s just leave it with the fact that I expect the entire unit to meet the challenge ahead of them and that I in no way expect to see anything like what was witnessed last Saturday night. Kovacs will lead the way and Gordon, Morgan, Roh, Ryan, Campbell and the rest should put The Big House on lock-down come this weekend.

Team meetings and individuals pushing themselves and teammates when coaches reach allotted NCAA time would be a plus also.

If “The Team” wants to keep their BCS, Big Ten and possibly Rose Bowl dreams alive the time is now to make a statement. It’s a new year and already the year looks much different than the last.

The Wolverines can’t live on last year’s success. Brady Hoke, defensive coordinator Greg Mattison and offensive coordinator Al Borges along with the rest of the staff need to develop a quality game plan for Saturday or this team might be in big trouble in 2012. And I expect that they will do just that!

In the end though, Air Force had a great game one performance and can put up some big numbers if allowed. Yet due to a loss of depth and stars at key positions and due to the fact that the Air Force defense surrendered 431 total yards to the Bengals, I am calling for Michigan to earn their first win of the year…handily!

Prediction: Michigan – 38, Air Force – 21

Go Blue!!!

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Last week’s prediction:   Michigan – 31, Bama – 28
Season Prediction Record: 0-1

  • Dave Biedron

    Michigan D Will show up and Robinson and Mr Toussaint will get over 100 yards on the Ground

    • Hokeamaniac

      I’ll put you down for 200+ yards on the ground!

  • Chris Jones

    I’m thinking Fitz is going to have a 200 yd. game to prove that he’s still got the wheels to keep that starting spot! Go Blue!

  • BEEZ24

    they will rebound and show up big time, that was a reality check of where we want to be..and will be with time that was the best thing for the maze in blue puts everything in perspective..denard and fitz will go off, Gardner will make some big plays, our d despite given up 40+ got some into the back field against a good o-line air force is good but no where as big, they don’t have 3…5 star running backs we did some things well against a very good bama team….Michigan 41 air force 24…GO BLUE

  • Ryan Rumsey

    Greg Mattison said it all in his interview tuesday. The Defense will play with great technique on Saturday. Also they will execute on their tackling abilities unlike last saturday in Dallas!! As for the Offense im saying that Fitz Toussaint will have at least 130 yds rushing an Denard will pass the ball much more efficiently. Michigan 35 Air Force 17

  • Brooke Kuhlman

    We had a pretty rough start. I thought for sure Michigan was going to come out and prove everyone wrong by stomping all over Alabama. Clearly, all those doubters worked their way into the teams heads, and threw them off of their game. Now they have learned to channel those doubts into the motivation they need to get back on top of their game and remember that they play for Michigan, and at Michigan — losing is not an option. GO BLUE!!!

    • Hokeamaniac

      I expected much better outcome myself. So, needless to say, I expect a much better game this week as well. Thanks for the comment!

  • Alex Lozano

    Good analysis & agree 100%. Air Force is no “gimme” but we should be motivated to inflict some damage on the Falcons. I don’t think their defense is very good, which should allow Denard & co. to do their thing…Michigan will redeem themselves solidly, 45-20!

  • NYGoblue

    Other than the game, last weekend was a lot of fun, especially the fox and hound in Arlington on Friday. Great job! Michigan will win this weekend. Air Force will not score more than 20 points and Michigan will cover the spread. You figure out the math. Go Blue!

  • pete

    Michigan will rebound from last week & beat the Falcons. GO BLUE!!! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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