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So Goes Denard, So Goes Michigan

John KayserThe recent loss against Michigan State can be summed up in one phrase and that phrase is “lack of efficiency!”

Bottom line is Michigan did not play Michigan football. And I’m starting to see some flaws in Al Borges game plan as of late.

The entire off-season, all we heard was how Michigan was supposed to get back to the “Michigan” way of doing things and that meant putting the QB back to under center in the I formation and pounding the ball down the field.  Yet the Wolverines are mainly operating the shotgun spread offense…why? Denard Robinson!

Obviously the biggest influence is Denard Robinson and the special skills he brings to the field with him that the Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges continually looks to exploit. Yet isn’t that approach a little Rich Rod-esque?

I agree, Michigan should keep the spread a little because of Denard’s talents but not nearly as much as we have. I absolutely love the two QB formation with Gardner taking the snap and Shoelace in the flanker back type slot receiver role.

That formation has limitless possibilities for the personnel we have. I do not like the fact we keep relying so heavily on D-Rob.

Bo Schembechler preached, “The Team! The Team! The Team!”  So logic dictates you should stop relying so heavily on one individual player, no matter their individual ability.  Get everyone equally involved and hold each player equally accountable while forcing each player to step up and strive to exceed expectations and limitations. Michigan will grow into a “under center” I formation type of team in time I know this. Yet, it is my belief that things happen for reason.

Maybe, just maybe Denard’s injury will serve as a great learning experience for the team. We should be a unit, not just a bunch of people trying to create opportunities for one playmaker.

All and all the loss to the Spartans for the 4th year in a row is very disheartening but should not be taken too hard. We must learn from our mistakes and analyze the measures necessary to correct them, all-the-while making progress and grow as a team.

Blessings in disguise happen everyday and this setback might serve to be one. Michigan will get to where we need and want them to be, I have no doubt in that as I believe in our players and coaching staff.

Coaches Hoke, Mattison and Borges will grow and learn just as the players will. We must stay strong and maintain our perseverance and the hunger to be the best is what makes Michigan “Michigan!”

And the saying will hold true… “Those who stay will be champions” Go Blue! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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