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Michigan Sugar Bowl Preview

John KayserHello once again my fellow Michigan men!(and women) it is truly great to be a Michigan Wolverine. As we come upon Christmas and the new year we have a lot to be thankful for… For example health, family, children, football … Football!?!? … Yes football.

For the first time since 2006 our Michigan wolverines have reached a bcs bowl. And that bowl is the sugar bowl, the opponent? A good team from a town called Blacksburg. That team is the Virginia Tech Beamers. I call them the Beamers because if any team deserves to be called the Hokies it is us.

The Beamers come into the game with only two losses, both of which were to a top ten Clemson team. So to underestimate them in this game would be an unwise choice for the wolverine faithful. Led by injury prone Logan Thomas, 1000 yard rusher David Wilson and senior wideout Jarrett Boykin. Although they have a young defense, it’s still an experienced one and should not be taken as gimme to score against.

Va Tech will look to pass early and often, maybe even throwing deep a time or two in the first couple of drives. But they will mostly run a typical west coast offense( slant routes and screen passes) n will primarily pass. Which can really open up some gaps for the run game(thus the reason Wilson hit the century mark this season) .

On the Victors side we will play the same ball we have played all year..I have a sneaking suspicion though that this game will be depending on one person offensively. That person is NOT Denard Robinson, but our running back Fitzgerald Toussaint.

With the Blackburgers’ defense eying D-Rob after that spectacular performance against Ohio, it should leave a lot of room for Fitz to work with. Also look for Junior Hemingway to have a big time performance in the receiving game. The defense will flutter a little in the second quarter I suspect.. We Re a second half team though.

2012’s first Michigan game will be a true test on the biggest of stages. But we will excel… We will rise above… And we will pull it off and seal the game around the :51 second mark of the forth quarter I think.

Michigan- 41, Va Tech- 31

Happy new years to all. Go Blue!

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