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Dedicated to the leader and best of the leaders and best, Brady Hoke!

T-minus 1…The Team!

T-minus 1 day and counting…

And for today I ask you to stop and say HAIL! in honor of the one team that rules them all, our ]V[ICHIGAN Wolverines!

Hail! to the team with the most victories in all of college football (895)!

Hail to the team with the highest winning % in college football for games played (.736)!

Hail to the team with the most winning seasons (113)!

Say Hail! for the 42 conference championships!

Hail to the 38 College Football Hall of Famers!

Sail Hail! to the greatest band, the most dedicated fans and to all the alumni and all the supporters that live to honor and follow the maize and blue.

In only 1 more day, this ]V[ICHIGAN will live once again to honor you!

(Seriously now, Let’s Go Blue!! ONE MORE DAY!!)

  • Michael Smith

    HAIL YES!!! I Concur, HAIL ][V][ GO BLUE!!!
    Turn Denard loose, lets let him out of the slot
    and free him to do what he does best! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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