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T-minus 10…Michigan Control


By the dawn’s early light…

]V[ichigan Control you are clear to begin final pre-launch procedures for the Hoke 2 is in place on the launch pad and all systems are currently a go.

19 practices have been concluded and position depth charts are being finalized.

“Progress” is the word of the day.

Fifth year senior Elliott Maeler is expected to secure the offensive line group and should start in the left guard position.

After a neck injury caused him to leave practice early days ago, freshman defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins is considered “fine” by coaches and has been practicing in full pads with the team once again.

Wide receiver Roy Roundtree is also on a path of quick recovery from knee surgery as he too has been running and practicing in full pads.

In preparation for the environment that awaits them in Dallas, Brady Hoke is moving the Wolverines practice to Ford Field tonight to “change it up a little bit” and give his team some forced distractions.

Currently all systems are a go!

On my mark we will be anxiously holding at T-minus 10 DAYS and counting before launch of the Hoke 2 and ]V[ichigan Football 2012.

3, 2, 1…mark!

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