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T-minus 15…15 victories, 22 defeats


15 victories, 22 defeats. Then it was over.

One of the lasting final images of an era in ]V[ichigan football most fans, followers and faithful are too soon to forget.

What should we have expected? Honestly?

When a team plays this game called football for 132 years, there are unfortunately going to be some down times. There are going to be some moments, albeit brief in the grand scheme of things, when patience and commitment are tested. It wasn’t the first time and I expect someday it won’t be the last.

Back in the mid-30’s the Wolverines had two seasons out of three where they won only one game (1934 and 1936). Sandwiched between those years was a 4 win season (1935). That’s 6 victories in three seasons.

Then again from 1957 to 1963, the most wins the Wolverines could muster in a season was 6. And the best finish in the Big Ten Conference in those 7 seasons was a tie for 5th.

Then there was one more season under Bo in the mid-80’s (1984 to be exact) when ]V[ichigan ended the year with a .500 record of 6-6.

So the point is this and I reference that famous quote from George Santayana who said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

15-22 will forever be linked with ]V[ichigan football history. It’s now a part of who we are. Fortunately, that period of time served as reminder to us all of what exactly ]V[ichigan football is truly all about.

It was an opportunity to remember and re-embrace the history and traditions that separate this great institution of higher learning and athletic excellence from all others.

Rich Rodriguez tried the best way he knew how to do right by us. It just didn’t work out. We have already moved on and in quick fashion.

In 15 days, lest we forget what we’ve see before our own eyes and let’s all appreciate this ]V[ichigan before us every chance we get…

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