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T-minus 20…Michigan Control


]V[ichigan Control, all systems are online and full contact drills have commenced. We are now only 20 days away from launch of ]V[ichigan 2012 football.

All coordinators have full control over their squads and are working to finalize position player responsibilities and depth chart integrity.

Crisis was averted when offensive coordinator Al Borges simple replaced the currently intentionally sidelined senior starting running back Fitz Toussaint with “the next guy” sophomore back Thomas Rawls.

Strength at the defensive line and “good” depth are the areas defensive coordinator Greg Mattison will be watching the remainder of camp. Freshman defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins has gained attention from seniors on the line and has been called “impressive.”

Coach Hoke likes the intensity he is seeing but states “there is much more work to do” before his team will be ready to accept the challenge on September 1.

At this time, preparations are on schedule and we are on course for a successful launch.

On my mark we will be holding at T-20 days and counting…3, 2, 1…mark! - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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