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T-minus 22…Birth of The Big House


Once again Fielding H. Yost makes an appearance in this so-far historic countdown as one of his most significant acts at ]V[ichigan post his Wolverine head coaching days took place off the field of play.

Well, actually, more specifically, it took place “around” the field of play.

Due mainly to Yost’s infinite foresight, dogged determination and passion for ]V[ichigan football he was able to convince the powers that be in Ann Arbor to sign off on his plans for a new venue for spectators to come and watch the Wolverines play. So on April 22, 1926 the Board of Regents finally approved construction.

This new stadium was set to hold 72,000 spectators and was built in a way that should the need arise in the future the seating capacity could be expanded further.

Workers took 18 months to complete the build and after two warm-up games were played, the stadium was ready and formally dedicated to the public on October 22, 1927 in a game against ohio state.

The outcome of the contest was a 21-0 victory for the Wolverines. The significance of the event was the birth of “The Big House.”

Over 84,000 fans were in attendance for that game that day in 1927. The stadium has been exceeding its capacity – currently 109,901 — ever since.

In 22 days, The Big House will be ready when needed once again…

(This one is one of my personal favorite original works, if you dig it, like it and pass it on. Go Blue!)

Michigan Stadium Construction, 1927 and Michigan Stadium now. - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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