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T-minus 24…Inspiration for The Victors


On November 24th, 1898 a game was played in Chicago. The outcome would determine a conference championship between the University of ]V[ichigan Wolverines and the two-time defending conference champs the University of Chicago Maroons.

With the cold weather against them, both teams found themselves locked into a tight battle and things didn’t look good for head coach Gustave Ferbert’s Wolverines. That was until the closing moments when Wolverine halfback Charles Widman broke down field for the game winning 65 yard score.

With the thrilling 12-11 win, the ]V[ichigan Wolverines completed their 10-0 undefeated season and were crowned champions of the Western Conference, the team’s first Western Conference title.

A university music student by the name of Louis Elbel was so moved by the thrilling victory that he became inspired to scribe a fitting fight song for his beloved team and university band that did not currently have one to perform.

Shortly thereafter his composition was complete. Elbel titled his work “The Victors.” Yet most followers of college football today know his piece by its other name, the greatest fight song ever written.

In 24 days, “The Victors” will play again… - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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