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Dedicated to the leader and best of the leaders and best, Brady Hoke!

T-minus 28…Hall of Fame Bowl


After the 1987 season, our Wolverines played a team known as the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Hall of Fame Bowl down in Tampa, Florida.

Wolverine standout Jamie Morris and his three touchdown, 234-yard performance led the way that day, but it was the gutsy play call on 4th-and-3 that found John Kolesar on the receiving end of a Demetrius Brown 20-yard TD pass into the end zone that secured the victory for the Wolverines.

]V[ichigan prevailed 28 – 24.

In 28 days we all get to see if Brady Hoke and his 2012 Wolverines can do it again…

(Hail Yeah they can! Go Blue!!) - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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