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T-minus 4…4 Virtues of Hokeamania

Like it or not, we are all primarily just observers in the outcome of the ]V[ICHIGAN season.

We individually don’t punt, pass, kick, catch, block or coach anything and outside from occasionally making enough noise to sort-of discombobulate the Wolverine opponents for a play or two, really have no bearing on the final score of any Wolverine game.

Collectively though, we all still have a responsibility and obligation to carry the banner for our beloved team. We all represent our Wolverines when we are out in public, at work, at the bars and at games in Ann Arbor or on the road.

Especially with this age of social media like it is, we all have an opportunity to interact with each other almost every waking minute of the day. We have numerous opportunities to instill the virtues of the collegiate university we all know and love. And that’s the University of ]V[ICHIGAN. The greatest university in the world. So we say.

And in doing so, we all must act in a manner that is conduct becoming of a Wolverine.

Therefore after much deliberation I have identified what I believe to be 4 virtues of Hokeamania that should guide our deeds and actions as we support our team in all the ways we know how. And they are as follows:

1. Everyone has a right to express their opinion, no matter how wrong it may be.
It’s true! We do! Like it or not. And when we do, we all should not be subject to any personal attacks and insults for doing as such.

Example: A Wolverine fan says something like, “I think Alabama is going to win the game because I don’t think Denard can throw the ball.” Or something similar.

Our first response when hearing or reading this should not be to F-bomb the comment or label the commenter a “douche” or a Spartan fan. We may feel that way inside, but we shouldn’t go there.  If you disagree, just stick to the point and provide a perspective as to why that comment is incorrect.

2. We are a civil people who lead by example with integrity above all.
In all walks of life we must remember that when in public wearing the maize and blue, we all represent the greater good. We can not hold against others their inappropriate actions and ignore our faults should we do the same.

3. In victory we display class, in defeat, dignity.
It’s fun to talk junk about our Wolverines and its fun to belittle our enemies. As long as the commentary is not overly offensive, anything goes. Yet it’s not a good look for Wolverines to gloat when our team earns victory.

So talk the until the game ends and when we prevail, turn to our enemies and say “Nice job!” Honestly the scoreboard says it all. Just knowing that they know what’s what is satisfaction beyond measure.

Conversely when we lose a game — and I expect it may happen — we need to hold our heads high for we shall live to play another day.

4. Anyone can be a Michigan fan, even Irish, Spartans and Buckeyes.
Oh yes, that is a BIG fact. We all don’t need to go to ]V[ICHIGAN to “be” ]V[ICHIGAN.

There is room enough for everyone and anyone can choose to support the leaders and best. Besides, who can blame them? There are more reasons than can be counted as to why someone would want to follow the Wolverines.
And enough of that “Walmart” Wolverine crap! Honestly, what are we in 5th grade?

We welcome all the Spartans and Buckeyes and Irish to cross over as well. It’s ok! We know you want to and when you do you will be welcome. Be proud to be a ]V[ICHIGAN fan who ever you may be.

In closing…

I’ve been over this list for months now. It’s changed a lot over time but I believe as constructed these four virtues say it all.

As the season gets started, let’s be sure to be ready in all the ways we can to make this season a great one for everyone. Let’s keep the personal insults to a minimum and stick to the commentary shall we? And when we win, let’s just pat our enemies on the shoulder and offer a big ole’ “You’ll get em’ next time!” in response. And let’s embrace all walks of life into the Wolverine family yeah? And let’s not point fingers and laugh when others make the mistakes we’ve made in the past or may make in the future.

After all we are ]V[ICHIGAN. We can expect no less.

Go Blue!

4 Virtues of Hokeamania - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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