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T-minus 5…Dave Brandon

T-minus 5 days and counting…

It is quite conceivable that if anyone other than Dave Brandon had been formally introduced as ]V[ichigan athletic director back on January 5th, 2010, things at ]V[ichigan might not be as good as they are today. They might be ok, but just not as good.

In fact, it’s debatable that things are better now across the board in the athletic program then ever and the future

looks brighter then maybe it could ever be.

The guy has just made one good move after another. Plain and simple.

I suppose we should expect as much considering he is in fact a ]V[ichigan alumni and actually played football for Bo Schembechler on teams good enough to win three conference championships.

Most recently Brandon put a nice touch on the story with the Oklahoma kindergartner Cooper Barton who was forced to turn his Big House shirt inside out, as Brandon invited him and his family to attend a future Wolverine football game.

Brandon introduced the “Legends” jersey program which will since honor Wolverine greats of the past with jersey patches instead of removing numbers from circulation.

He pushed for and received approval for upgrades to the Crisler arena or “Crisler Center” now and for the associated newly constructed Player Development Center.

He gave us lights…In The Big House of course.

He didn’t give us a Wolverine mascot and that’s good!

He also corrected a potential situation by allowing the ]V[ichigan Marching Band to travel to Dallas for the Cowboys Classic. Granted, the public outcry might have had something to do with his change of heart, not to mention the donors funding contributions. Regardless, he did correct the situation.

Yet, the move with the most significant impact to Wolverine football fans was and is the hire of Brady Hoke as the 19th head football coach in ]V[ichigan history.

Another man (or woman) may have gone in a different direction. And that would have been bad.

In 5 days, Dave Brandon will be able to say he was Athletic Director at ]V[ichigan when Team 133 took the field in the historic Cowboys Classic…

(If you believe like I do that Dave Brandon is the man with the Midas touch, then hit that “like” button now and say it so! Hail! Hail! ]V[ichigan!!)

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