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T-minus 6…Greg Mattison

T-minus 6 days and counting…

The true measure of a successful and sound defense is not the total number of yards given up in a game or given up in a season. It’s not how many first downs allowed or even the turnovers created. Sure those numbers are key indicators, but they don’t always tell the whole story.

There is though one specific stat that stands out above the rest and means the most and that’s the number of points a defense surrenders to the opposition. In short, I’m talking about points allowed or the team’s scoring defense.

From the years 2008 through 2010, the Wolverines were incapable of fielding a team any better than the 76th best in this regard. In fact, over those three season, ]V[ichigan teams averaged 89th worst in points allowed culminating in their 107th place finish in 2010.

The opposition had little trouble making its way into the end zone or kicking field goals at will and it was painful to behold.

But obviously, that all changed last year when Greg Mattison assumed the defensive coordinator position.

In only one season at the helm, Mattison transformed the Wolverine defense and in 2011 the Wolverines finished the season as the 6th best team for points allowed. They surrendered on average only 17.4 points per game, a vast difference from the 35.2 points per game allowed the season before.

Preventing the enemy from cashing in on their scoring opportunities is what the defensive game is all about. What happens in between the end zones is really only for show. Yet, ]V[ichigan was pretty good there too.

Ohh, the team that was number one in the nation last year for not allowing the opposition to score? The Alabama Crimson Tide.

In 6 days, Greg Mattison and his Wolverine defense get to show on the field who’ll be leaders and best in 2012…

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