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The End of an Era, Brady Hoke Out at Michigan

The Original HokeamaniacThat’s it! It is all over as Brady Hoke has been let go by the University of Michigan post a meeting held today between Hoke and interim Michigan Athletic Director Jim Hackett in Ann Arbor.

The university held a press conference today where Hackett made the news public.

During the conference, Hackett stated he “wished he had more time” with coach Hoke, but felt it was best to make the change at this time to move the program forward.

When asked about Hoke’s replacement, Hackett stated he wants to find the right coach, but is currently building “swim lane” charts with potential candidates and their timeline availability versus Michigan’s timeline to find a replacement.

Hackett also stated emphatically that when looking for a candidate, he wanted to “get rid of the word ‘Michigan Man’.'” Jim went on to explain the reasons for said desires as that news may come to a relief of some and dismay of others.

In all Brady Hoke did the best he could but his program has regressed each of the past three seasons after his initial 11-2 year and BCS bowl win to begin his career to the 5-7 record this season.

Once again, the Michigan football program is starting over, the third time in 7 seasons. No place to go now but up.

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