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The Original Hokeamaniac’s thoughts on Brady Hoke

The Original HokeamaniacThere are not too many folks out there as big a supporter of Coach Brady Hoke than I…have been since day one…January 11th, 2011.

Though I must admit, I’ve been pushed to the point, like most all others, that I can no longer profess a blind loyalty to this administration based on the recent happening in Ann Arbor.

Foremost though, it must be stated clearly now and most vociferously that I do not believe in any way that Brady Hoke would in any way put his players in a position to be harmed or injured. No doubt about that. That idea is ludicrous! Brady Hoke is a standup guy and character and integrity run through his Blue-blooded veins.

But, I do believe that the head coach is responsible for the organization on the sidelines and system being run organizationally.

The young quarterback in Saturday’s game, sophomore Shane Morris, should never have even seen the field. But, due to pressures to make a change to spark the Wolverine offense, did. Then once he did, the moment overtook the coach and the coach then left the better part of valor to the side in support of principle.

What has become a running joke for many fans — Hoke not wearing a headset during games — became the line of delineation on Saturday and forever will impact Hoke’s legacy in such a way that his refusals now seem despondent at best, dismissively negligent and reckless at its worst.

Up until the Minnesota game, Hoke was capable of somewhat justifying his anti-technological bias by holding to the fact he could and did interject to his coaches as needed during games.

Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is always within earshot of the head coach. And this year with offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier moving from the coaches box down to the sidelines, Hoke could hold his line even more staunchly.

The only justification offered from the University of Michigan’s administration for the negligence to the well-being of Morris on Saturday has been relocated to a “lack of communication.”

And without a doubt, that deficiency could have been avoided if the culture from the start propitiated a reliance on constant communication from the top down during games. The instantaneous feedback required to facilitate an appropriate response did and does not exist. It failed most egregiously on Saturday.

The politics of sports are unfortunate and the business of Michigan Football have overtaken the performance on the field. That’s unfortunate.

So now, the only thing to do is support these kids the rest of the way and encourage their success. The Team will all come together and fight for each other and their coach. What other choice do they have?

Click for the moral of the story...

Everyone deserves an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Who are any of us to judge? Honestly.

If the mistakes are only football performance related, then quite frankly, we’ve got almost four seasons of deeds to make our determination about a man’s capability.

If we hold expectations of something more, we have now a case to judge.

You decide what is right and what makes you comfortable.

There are kids who signed up to “play football” for the University of Michigan. They didn’t sign up for what they have now been bestowed.

For them, it’s win on Saturday and the rest will take care of itself. Some of them excel, some struggle. They all try.

Rutgers is here and the season is still quite young. Things could get worse before they get better. Or the days of recent past may become memories of old. Anything is still possible. As impossible as some anythings may now seem.

Regardless, the name of this website will be changing.

Always in support of Michigan. But Michigan is bigger than one man. No longer shall we be bound. Even in jest or admiration, life always teaches.

We all may have learned a valuable lesson here…These people only play and coach sports. Nothing more. They are not idols. Nor do they set the moral standard of society. They are only human as unfortunate a characteristic that may be at times.

Kids will occasionally do wrong and in this world, those transgressions will be publicized to the fullest.

Men will make mistakes, and the public will then provide immediate adjudication.

Sports provide us an escape or diversion from our daily choirs. They are here to lift our spirits, bring us together and unite the masses. Not teach us right from wrong. Although they sure reinforce success and failure on an emotionally grand scale.

We all love our Michigan. We all desire to praise and cheer for the Maize and Blue. And we all will soon again.

These days will pass. Which individuals will remain when they do is still to be decided. Those decisions will be left to individuals much smarter than I.

We will always be the Leaders and Best…Champions of the West. Even when the scoreboard doesn’t say it so…as long as you believe.

As I know you do. - May the Hoke be with you! © January 11th, 2011
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