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The votes are in, Michigan drops/rises after 63-13 win

Well, the Associated Press sees a 50-point Michigan win over a pretty not-so-great UMass team as a reason to drop them one spot in the polls down to 18th from 17th the week before.

Conversely, the coaches in the USA Today Poll looked at this same victory with more regard as they actual moved Brady Hoke’s Wolverines up one place from 18th to 17th.

Of course much of this movement and placement is dictated not only by what Michigan does, but what the teams around them do. Some of the Wolverine rivals also had a tough go this week.

Ohio State, after a very close home 35-28 win against Cal slid down four places in the AP poll to 16th. Michigan State on the other hand, after a bad home loss to Notre Dame dropped all the way down to 21st in the AP Top 25 and 20th in the USA Today Poll.

Michigan’s next opponent, Notre Dame moved up to 11th in the AP poll and will have an opportunity to secure that ranking this week against Michigan in South Bend.

Of course, Michigan is coming to town looking to replicate their success of last year by shocking the Domers with an “Under the Lights” victory against the Irish.'s Week 3 AP and Coaches Poll List

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