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Two true freshman leave Michigan for unspecified reasons

The Michigan Football team has recently lost two true freshman.

LB Kellen Jones was the first to leave, he has since transferred to OU which is much closer to his home town. Many people believe that he was home sick and couldn’t handle being so far from home. Another explanation would be that he seen the recruiting class that was coming in and thought he wouldn’t see the playing field. Either way his departure really hurt the already thin linebacking core the Wolverines are fielding this year.

OL Tony Posada was second to leave but there has been no real explanation coming out of Ann Arbor as of yet. The common perspective coming from the Michigan blogs is that he came in with an extra 30lbs. and lost his love for the game. His departure also hurts the depth at an already thin position. Posada was not expected to see a large amount of playing time this year but you never know what will happen with injuries. This departure will force Hoke to get another OL commit if not two.

Both of the departures will hurt Michigan’s depth in the short term, but I’m sure Coach Hoke and the team will get by just fine.

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